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Gavin Holter, Staff Writer

Growing up, Gavin’s always had a passion for movies and sports, however, his movie interests were mainly boiled down to just comedy and action movies. Who doesn’t enjoy going out for a good laugh at the theater or watching what seems to be an endless fight scene between the protagonist and the villain? Living most of his life in Illinois prior to moving to Arizona, he played almost any sport you can think of, made a lot of friends, and overall had most of his childhood there. Although his days of playing sports as much as he once did are over, he still finds a lot of enjoyment in watching them. Living in Arizona though has really allowed him to open up his interests and hobbies. Film and TV Shows have become his primary passion now, along with specific genres in Film and TV like horror, comedy, true crime, and others. Aside from his interests in Movies and other areas, he also has side hobbies that he likes to do when he can. Some of these side hobbies include collecting things and reselling items at a higher value (Reselling sneakers). Whether he strives to grow up and deal with criminals for the FBI in the field of Criminology, or practice writing and studying film to eventually become a Film Critic, Gavin has both his passions and goals set out for the future.

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Gavin Holter