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Liliana Valdez, Editor-in-Chief

For Liliana Valadez, Journalism 3 student at Verrado High School, of course, the idea of being able to bend elements to one's will sounds like the most amazing ability ever, but even encountering water is a dream when you’re stuck in the middle of an Arizona summer. Not to say that she believes the world is boring, but in comparison to the many amazing imaginary worlds invented by people, sometimes it does feel that way. She may not be able to bend water, but she can speak and read incredibly fast, which some may regard as a talent. In her free time when she's not casually saving the world, you'll find her watching movies and tv shows from all kinds of genres. Inspired by many of the stories she reads and watches, she hopes one day to become a writer, whether it be writing her own fictional story or becoming a journalist, where she can interview all kinds of people and share their stories.

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Liliana Valdez