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Why does everyone think to buy art kits for kids who like drawing? The answer is simple, “because they like art!” But is that the only thing that you could get for a young artist? Does it really need to go to the extent of getting them the same art kit every year?  You could at least throw in a sketchbook next year, after all, what really is there to do with so many art supplies, without anything to use them on?

This mystery is still unsolved to the young high school student, Madison Parker. She has continuously received different art kits throughout her 17 years, and can’t help but wonder, “What could I possibly need with that many?” She knows they give the art kits because they include art supplies, and she thanks them for it, but having hundreds of Crayola-colored pencils and crayons isn’t as much of a blessing to an artist as you may have thought.

Regardless, this seemingly grateful girl is still accepting the same old art supplies, unable to tell the senders that 23 art kits and neverending kids supplies is just too much! Even so, Maddy enjoys seeing the happy looks on people's faces as she thanks them for another art kit. Maybe one day she’ll use up all of the supplies; Maybe she’ll think about giving them away? Well… probably not. Instead, she’ll just sit upon her castle of unused art supplies until the end of time. That’s just the way that Madison Parker is.


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