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Alex Gordon is one of our many Seniors here at Verrado High School in the year of 2019-2020. Gordon has one year of experience under his belt taking a journalistic class. He wanted to join journalism as he stated, “I like to be informed, and the Viper Times has very much helped me in the past.”  He added, “I also like to write and writing in the news will help my writing get noticed.” For Gordon, life outside of school consists of a divorced mother and father with a 19-year old brother. Gordon’s mother has a boyfriend who visits her regularly, while his father is single and very religious. While Gordon gets along well and has a few interests with his mother and brother, the same does not apply with his father. Gordon and his father do not have the same amount of interests like his mother and brother. With his friends, Gordon is described to be very immature, “Although I am a Senior, I do not act like it at some times.” 

Since Gordon graduates in May of 2020, in 5 years Gordon sees himself not in school, but maybe just a few community classes. Gordon does see himself possibly living on his own, doing one to two jobs. “I do not like school so I don’t see college as a goal, but I do like working so definitely one to two jobs.”

Alex Gordon, Staff Writer

Nov 13, 2019
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Alex Gordon