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Drew Thompson
As a young boy, Drew Thompson was a clown. Famous in his family as the child who sprinted around Old Navy in a monkey costume on Halloween, it was clear he was going to grow up interesting. Then he began channeling his energy into art, and it was different. He didn’t scribble all over the page like other kids, he told a story with his drawings. Then he realized something that would change his life forever; he couldn’t draw. “Well, what now?” He thought. Then it hit him. He sat down and wrote. He told stories of ridiculousness and he wrote so much his teachers had to move him to a class of older kids so he wouldn’t go ahead in class anymore. Then he got older, and his writing refined. He would write horror stories, dramas, and tragedies... He had changed, for better or for worse. He even wrote songs for a while, until he realized he couldn’t sing any better than he could draw. So he stuck to books. And now here he is; in a journalism class to be a journalist. Let’s hope he doesn’t disturb too many people with his dark, broody antics, hmm?

Drew Thompson, Staff Writer

Sep 14, 2020
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Drew Thompson