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Jessica Godina
Being apart of a team means that they are willing to work together to achieve a common goal. Nothing compares to stepping on the green grass field with the blazing hot sun coming down on you. The adrenaline rushing through the veins as they waiting for the referee to blow the high-pitched whistle signaling the game has begun. Jessica Godina knows her responsibility is to direct her teammates. She possesses qualities such as being vocal, obtaining integrity, having a positive mindset, and being compassionate. Maintaining a positive attitude even when the coach brings silence to half-time discussions because she is disappointed. The silence fills the captain’s heads as they try to gather their thoughts and provide the team with feedback. Once she began talking she can see some teammates rolling the eyes to the back of their head. Sometimes there are downfalls but that is apart of it. People look to the captain for encouragement and help.

Jessica Godina, Sports Editor

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Jessica Godina