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Lacey Cluff, 16, could be described by anyone as kind and thoughtful. She comes from a family of six, including two brothers and an identical twin sister. Cluff has been in Arizona almost her whole life and has experience with Journalism and writing. This being her third semester of Journalism, she has the part of Editor in Chief in the classroom, which represents her creative and intelligent side. Cluff’s interest in the subject sprung from her passion for writing; she has been writing ever since she can remember. Her greatest accomplishment is even completing her first book. It’s of the fiction genre, and 348 pages long! She clearly has admiration and talent for words. With her creative personality, Cluff enjoys drawing in addition to writing in her spare time. In her high school years, she hopes to gain some of the skills necessary to study writing in college. Afterward, she plans to continue to pursue her love of art and writing as a career.

Lacey Cluff, Co-Editor in Chief

Nov 14, 2018
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Lacey Cluff