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Piper McDaniel, a new comer to Journalism. This wasn’t her own choice class, but her last. She may seem like an average sophomore but she is a very interesting person to talk to and get to know. When I asked her to describe herself in 3 words, she paused for a while and thought. Through all that thinking, all she could think of was average. Couldn’t judge her for giving an honest answer though. When I asked her for her favorite color of the rainbow, she told me indigo or violet. She elaborated by saying that she doesn’t really want to be noticed but also wants friends. On a more positive note, she is a huge Anime nerd. She doesn’t side with PlayStation or Xbox but prefers Nintendo and wants to be involved with our Nintendo club. She is also a huge cat person and has a cat that she loves deeply. Morning and night are two different times but when it comes to Piper, night time is the way to go. 

Piper McDaniel, Staff Writer

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Piper McDaniel