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Verrado’s new dance teacher shows he’s definitely got the moves.

Get To Know Verrado’s New Dance Teacher

James Marinaro is the new dance teacher has brought his experience and talent to Verrado. Marinaro, is in his 25th year in performing arts, and 11th year in teaching dance He plans on instilling confidence, and discipline in all his students from Dance 1 to Performance.

“I think the first thing that I am going to be teaching is confidence. It takes a lot to get on stage to dance in front of a lot of different people, especially if you have never done it before

…that’s always my first one, kinda tackling the idea of the need for approval… in dance, it is so subjective that not everyone is going to like what you do and not everyone is going to like you as a dancer, but as long as you have that passion and that fire, I say just keep going forward, and that’s what I hope to instill in my students”.

Marinaro was first introduced to dance as another option to enroll in, alongside physical Education. He soon became devoted to the art of dancing and desired to teach dancing to students who shared the same passion as him. “I was a freshman in high school…I didn’t want to take P.E. in the summer… so I decided to join dance because it was in the air conditioning.”  It wasn’t the class Marinaro wanted “but I grew to love it and four years later I was in our highest level of performing… and I always thought that I wanted to go back to school to get my education degree to be able to teach dance the way that I was taught” 

The performance program has achieved an immense amount of popularity and supporters due to the previous praised teacher. With this in mind, Marinaro progressively decided to take over the program, to imprint his changes, passion, and confidence. 

“I feel that anybody coming into a new program is going to have an adjustment period where they’re going to have to implement little changes here and there, but I feel confident because I’ve been doing this for a long time…this is my 11th year teaching and my 25th year dancing… so I was very confident taking over an established program and coming in and changing little things to make it my own”

As time progresses, Marinaro plans to engrave himself into the Verrado dance program by bringing the substantial and precise technique to the dance program, as well as bringing out the drive in his dance student while they are performing. 

“Since not really knowing much of the program from the previous years, what I can bring to the table is I am good at my technique and discipline…I’m focused on pin-pointing the small little details, so hopefully, in due time you’ll start seeing really precise and correct technique applied in the dance concert, as well as kind of that drive and passion that students are gonna light up when they perform”.


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    JasmineSep 1, 2022 at 10:19 AM

    Great article, loved to get to know a little more about the new dance teacher!