Viper Times

2020-2021 Staff

Liliana Valdez


For Liliana Valadez, Journalism 3 student at Verrado High School, of course, the idea of being able ...

Jessica Godina

Sports Editor

Being apart of a team means that they are willing to work together to achieve a common goal. Nothing ...

Angelique Garcia-Barajas

Op/Ed Editor

Since she could remember, Angelique has always been in the middle of reality and fiction. She has a ...

Isabella Chavez

Features Editor

From tipping cows to cacti in her backyard, Izzy Chavez has lived in two worlds. She started her lif...

Taylor Shafton

News Editor

From Goodyear, Arizona, we have Taylor Shafton joining a ragtag group of journalists to write the bes...

Jayden Harrington

Staff Writer

There is a particular kid just from Los Angeles, California who loves football. That kid is Jayden Ha...

Lesley Vargas Mendez

Staff Writer

Snapchat Queen, Lesley can be found experimenting with her vast collection of wild color palettes, for her...

Molly Strebig

Staff Writer

If there’s one thing she’s passionate about, it’s living in the city when she's older. Although...

Drew Thompson

Staff Writer

As a young boy, Drew Thompson was a clown. Famous in his family as the child who sprinted around Old N...

Sydney Snider

Staff Writer

If you're looking for her, you can always find Sydney on the pool deck. She has been a competitive swim...

Hayden Larkin

Staff Writer

A pretentious attitude and tall stature, this is Hayden. A student of the work of Allen Ginsberg and ...

Connor Priest

Staff Writer

 Here are some things about Connor. He wears a lot of black, and if you're wondering, no he's not E...

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