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2021-2022 Staff


Molly Strebig

Originally from California, Molly Strebig has grown up in nothing but the sun and sand, giving her lo...

Celeste our Op/Ed Editor
Op/Ed Editor

Celeste Villalobos

Los Angeles raised, Japanese and Mexican mix, Celeste prides herself in her culturally diverse backg...

Jocelyn, our News Editor
News Editor

Jocelyn Lopez

 From Buckeye Arizona, we have Jocelyn Lopez joining something that she thinks she might be passion...

Staff Writer

Fidel Valdez Gonzales

This kid that was born and raised in Arizona loves basketball and science. His name is  Fidel Valdez Gonz...

Caleb is a Staff Writer.
Staff Writer

Caleb Simpson

Caleb Simpson was born in Pismo Beach, California, he has lived in Arizona for a near 4-6 years and it is ...

Natasha is a Staff Writer
Staff Writer

Natasha Coan

New Mexico born and raised Natasha Coan, 16 year old girl who wants to travel the world and explore ev...

Jordyn is a Staff Writer.
Staff Writer

Jordyn O’Quinn

Jordyn O’Quinn was born in California. He moved to Arizona when he was 13 years old. Jordyn has be...

Josue is a Staff Writer.
Staff Writer

Josue Gil

Born in Phoenix Arizona, raised in a Hispanic family, Josue has been able to accomplish many things...

Abby is a Staff Writer.
Staff Writer

Abby Williams

Abby has always loved to write. She loves expressing how she feels in writing. Writing has influenced...

Zac is a Staff Writer.
Staff Writer

Zachary Shawley

Ever since he was young, Zac showed a great love for sports. He loved every sport, but his favorite t...

Peter is a Staff Writer.
Staff Writer

Peter Olesen

Peter Olesen, born in Washington state, completed elementary school, middle school and moved to Ariz...

Madison is a Staff Writer
Staff Writer

Madison Parker

Why does everyone think to buy art kits for kids who like drawing? The answer is simple, “because th...

Jake is a Staff Writer
Staff Writer

Jake Gonzales

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised there for the first 15 years of his life is a kid named Jake Go...

Gabby is a Staff Writer
Staff Writer

Gabby Comer

From Fort Worth, Texas comes Gabby Comer, a Texas girl just trying to find her way in a hotter drier ...

Annabelle is freelancing as a staff writer.
Staff Writer

Annabelle Flores

Annabelle Flores is fifteen years old and so she writes book reviews and anything intriguing enough ...

Ethan is a Staff Writer

Ethan Brediger

Ethan Brediger was born in Scottsdale Arizona August 11 2006. Loves technology, loves learning new things, is n...

Liam, our Entertainment & Reviews Editor
Entertainment & Reviews Editor

Liam Stillson

Massachusetts born, Arizona-raised, Liam has embraced the wild west lifestyle, always having horses right in h...

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