A new head coach for Viper football is here! Coach Hathcock lays out the details of how he wants to run the program.
A new head coach for Viper football is here! Coach Hathcock lays out the details of how he wants to run the program.
Allison Rospierski

Viper Football: New Coach, New Chapter

Football is now under new management at Verrado High School. Coach Hathcock, otherwise known as Jeremy Hathcock, is the new head of both JV and Varsity teams. Coming from Blue Ridge High School, he turns over a new leaf with the Viper boys in the 2024 to 2025 season. 

When interviewed, the new coach explained how he is of course focused on making the boys prepared physically for next season. He is planning on running them, getting them to lift weights, and running drills.

Hathcock is even sending them to camps!

This summer from May 28th to July 31st, he wants all teams to do the Viper Strength and Speed Camp. They will be in the mornings from 6:00 am to 8:00 am for varsity, while JV will be from 7:00 am to 8:00 am, then finally freshmen will be from 8:00 to 10:00 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The camp is $125, and he hopes for everyone to do it if possible. To contact him for more information about the camps, email him at [email protected]

He’s doing everything he can to get the athletes strong for the upcoming season. However, physical strength isn’t the only thing he’ll be looking for in recruiting. 

To state the obvious, to get on any sports team a Viper has to be a type of student-athlete that stays out of trouble and overall has a good demeanor. When it comes to grades, the coach has his opinions on how they will be treated.

He says, “Anything under a 2.75, our kids will be going to a study hall. I think I’ll do a morning study hall. If they don’t go to study hall, they don’t go to practice. They don’t go to practice, they don’t play.” 

As a student-athlete, education will always come first and everyone in the football program agrees. Hathcock would like to break the stereotype around football players being airheads because that simply isn’t true for them.

When it comes to the difference between whether someone makes it on JV or Varsity, he considers where the player lies compared to others. Coach Hathcock states, ”I think they have to build up physically to be able to meet the physical challenge that this level has to offer. There’s a learning curve as a freshman and sophomore and it’s a little slower than the Junior and Senior years where the learning curve takes off. So I think it’s just a systematic approach to learning. They haven’t been in the system long enough, but if they put in the time and they have the ability, I’m never gonna not start a really good sophomore, I’m going to play the sophomore.” 

Having a good mentality is important to the game as well. The coach would like tough-minded guys without a quitting attitude. Being there mentally is just as important as physically. There are resources besides coaches to get through mental battles here on campus like counselors and student support specialists if extra support is needed to get brains game ready.

During his time here, Coach Hathcock would also like to build on the boys’ character to make them better people in life. He believes that people sometimes forget the opportunities that are given to them when they are on the high school team. Being able to go to elementary schools and hang out with little kids, read to them, sign things, and even just inspire them to play football or any other sport in the future. He would also like to send them out to pick up trash in the community. Overall, he wants to make sure the boys make a positive impact.

The Vipers hope Coach Hathcock is welcomed here in the school and brings a good season for next year! The roots that he intends to grow will definitely be strong, with his plans also making a bigger impact on this community here in Verrado. Welcome to the team, Coach!


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