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Delaney poses in a field of flowers for one of her senior pictures.
Dear Verrado
Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief • May 9, 2023

This article appears courtesy of Delaney Oppedahl. At the beginning of August 2019, I entered the Verrado High School doors for the first time as a student. I was so nervous but so excited to begin the next chapter. I remember thinking the seniors were so big and it’s still so crazy to me that I now am one. Over the years I’ve built so many amazing...

Abby posing for her prom pictures before prom.
Good Bye, Verrado
Abby Williams, Editor at Large

Dear Verrado high school, As I begin my final days at Verrado I've realized how much I have grown. Even though I have only been at Verrado...

The day Alexis picked out my gown for the state pageant competition.
Senior Spotlight: Alexis Miranda
Abby Williams, Editor at Large

Most people think of pageants as just about pretty girls in fancy dresses and being judged on how pretty they are. But for Alexis Miranda, it...

As a show of solidarity, The Viper Times sits for a drug free campus.
Teen Drug Use, What Can We Do?
Bryson Taylor, Editor at Large

Sadly, one of the most invasive issues students will face during high school is the temptation to experiment with drug use and vaping. Efforts...

A Verrado student texting someone a message.
The Dangers of Cyberstalking
Abby Williams, Editor at Large

When most think of cyberbullying they think of someone sending constant mean messages online. These bullies hope to get away with this and to...

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The Verrado Football team playing against each other in the opening scrimmage.
The Boys of Fall In A Spring Football Game
Bardot Cormier, Staff Writer • May 23, 2023

Everyone thought Verrado Football in the Fall but that isn't quite accurate. Verrado's Black versus Gold game was last night. The football team squared off not only in a fun scrimmage but also in challenging events like a food eating contest.

Star point guard Chris Paul giving it all he has to keep the ball in play late in the fourth quarter.
Did The Suns Pivot In The Wrong Direction?
Bryson Taylor, Editor at Large • May 19, 2023

2022-23 Regular Season The Phoenix Suns have ultimately failed to meet fans expectations once again this season. The team had faced numerous...

TUCSON, ARIZ. -- Volleyball recruit, Journey, at McKale Center.
Feb. 3, 2023. 
Photo by Rebecca Sasnett / Arizona Athletics
Verrado Senior Heads to U of A to Play Volleyball
Lizzy Martinez, Staff Writer • April 27, 2023

Verrado Senior Journey Tucker is heading to the University of Arizona next year to play D1 Volleyball.

The male cheerleaders lift Angel Santiago while doing a stunt.
Powder Puff Begins At Verrado High School
Kevin Reinhardt, Editor-At-Large • April 21, 2023

The term “Powderpuff” speaks nothing of a long-lasting tradition of football but for Verrado High School it's brand new. Powderpuff, the...

Club Sponsor Mr. Brown meets a scary clown that mightve met their fencing match.
Don't Cross Swords With The Fencing Club!
Pierce Tuttle, Staff Writer • April 21, 2023

Fencing is a sport that has been around for centuries and has especially gained popularity in schools as of late. It's not only unique, but Fencing...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where the MET Gala takes place every year.
MET Gala Recap
Logan Davidson, Staff Writer • May 5, 2023

The 49th Annual MET Gala took place this past Monday in New York, and celebrated the legacy of fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld with the theme: Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty. The evening provided the media with hundreds of attendees dressed head to toe...

Taylor Swift performed I Knew You Were Trouble during the Red portion of the Eras Tour on March 17.
Taylor Swift Kicks Off Tour in Eras-zona
Logan Davidson, Staff Writer • April 12, 2023

During the afternoon of March 17, thousands of cars lined the freeway leading to State Farm Stadium in Glendale. However, at 6:30 the chaos would come to a halt,...

Emma Nechy, Becca Hadley, and Kendall Conner posing in their costumes.
Jekyll and Hyde The Musical Is Coming To Verrado
Joseph Seymour and Gabby Comer April 11, 2023

This year Verrado is doing Jekyll and Hyde for musical theater in early May. Fellow students get the chance to see some familiar faces portray complex characters...


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Tom Horne has enacted a hotline, with just one call you can report a teacher.
AZ Superintendent Wages War On Critical Race Theory With A Hotline
Yakira Wade, Op/Ed Editor • May 10, 2023

Superintendent Tom Horne has enacted a hotline to crack down on inappropriate lessons in all schools in Arizona. Critical race theory has been a touchy subject all over the US for a very long time,...

Kanye West performing for a concert at the Allstate Arena on October 8, 2016, in Rosemont, Illinois on the Saint Pablo Tour.
Separating The Art From The Artist: Kanye West
Bryson Taylor, Editor at Large • May 3, 2023

Kanye Omari West, also known as Ye, is a very well-known rapper, songwriter, producer, fashion designer,...

The reality of living in the United States is that students have to face gun violence every day and something needs to change.
They Know Where We Are: Stop Hiding Behind The Second Amendment
Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief • April 21, 2023

The United States has a problem.  Daily, there is at least one mass shooting, many on school campuses.  Only...

The Hunger Games is a movie series that has 4 movies and was originally released in 2012.
Ranking The Hunger Games Movies
Logan Davidson, Staff Writer • April 21, 2023

The Hunger Games: Ranked Now that the full Hunger Games movie series is on Netflix, many people have...

Students present their idea for Viper Engagement, a freshman mentorship program.
Students Suggest Improvements That Verrado Could Implement
Rose Ramirez, Staff Writer • May 15, 2023

During the home stretch of the 2022-2023 school year, students are fueled with excitement for summer and finally getting out of school. However,...

The period product dispenser project, hopefully coming to Verrado High School.
School Project Promotes Feminine Product Dispenser
May 10, 2023

If you were asked whether feminine products were important or not, would you say yes? Girls experience changes in their bodies in their teen...

Many students have more than one nationality and may be citizens in more than one country, but have decided to come to the United States of America in search of a better future.
Hispanic Immigrant Students Pursuit of Postsecondary Education Isn't Easy
May 9, 2023

Verrado is home to many cultures and traditions, and some are usually taken for granted. This is the case with many Latin American students,...

Students present their projects to the principal and other members of the board.
Assignment Gets Students Thinking About Potential New Electives at Verrado
May 5, 2023

Verrado high school has a lot of options when it comes to choosing an elective, however, in a new assignment that was given to the students of...

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Principal Showman delivers his final graduation speech as a Verrado Viper.
Goodbye, Mr. Showman
Gabby Comer and Kevin Reinhardt May 26, 2023

Saying goodbye is never easy especially since Mr. Showman has been an amazing Principal at Verrado High School. Now it's time to see what is...

Forty minutes before high school graduation and things are getting real for staff and students.
Graduation 2023 Is In The Books
Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief • May 22, 2023
Learning how to study can be a very important part of everyones education
Viper Podcast: Study Tips
Yakira Wade, Op/Ed Editor • May 11, 2023

Yakira Wade and Christina Chen discuss the different ways to study and the benefits of studying.

Image graphic of a marching band playing their instruments.
Viper Podcast: Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Joey Seymour, Staff Writer • May 9, 2023

Joey Seymour talks with band member Amber to discuss joining clubs and stepping out of your comfort zones by joining the band.

Kevin and Yakira display art at Verrado High School around campus.
Viper Podcast: Artist Spotlight With Rae Auble
Kevin Reinhardt and Yakira Wade March 10, 2023

Kevin Reinhardt and Yakira Wade sit with Rae Auble to discuss their recent art portfolio at the Verrado District Art Show.

These four: Bryson, Lizzy, Gabby and Kevin will be back next year for Journalism.
A Look Back
Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief • May 26, 2023

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