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Principal Thomas outlines the highlights of Graduation week during the Senior meeting.
Things Seniors Need To Do Before Graduation
Alyssa Chavez, Emma McWhorter, and Ariel Bolich March 29, 2024

Graduation is just around the corner. So many exciting things are happening like prom, graduation, graduation parties, and the overall excitement of it being our last year of high school. But unfortunately,...

Hundreds of enthusiastic students from various disciplines converged at Grand Canyon University (GCU) to participate in GCUs Forensics Day! The event buzzed with excitement as students explored the intricate world of forensics through interactive exhibits, engaging workshops, and insightful talks by industry experts. It was a day filled with learning, networking, and inspiration, showcasing the vibrant academic community at GCU.
GCU Lab Forensics Trip
Emma McWhorter, Staff Writer • March 22, 2024

The GCU Forensics field trip was an exciting opportunity for all of Mrs. Sherman's five classes. They took a trip down to Grand Canyon University located in Phoenix, Arizona, where they were able to do multiple labs and even got to go inside of GCUs own cadaver lab where the students got to see first hand what it is like for GCU’s students to perform...

Camping tent with fairy lights at Memorial Park Campground in 2023.
Ideas for Spring Break '24
Ariel Bolich, Staff Writer • March 7, 2024

Spring Break is right around the corner. Many teens go out of town on vacation or to visit family. But what if you're staying home and don't have plans? Here are some fun activities that will satisfy your boredom. If you are into Arts and Crafts, patiently waiting for summer, and love the beach and tropical destinations, TikTok viral bikini boxes...

Charlton - Charlton Lakes Drought by Chris Talbot, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Waste Not, Want Not: Does California Have Rights to Arizona Water?
Jalil Humphrey, Odin Naylor, and Olivia Moran

Trillions of gallons are dumped into the ocean. Trillions. A significant number for an insignificant reason. As most Arizona residents know, the most renewable source of water comes from the Colorado River. So California,...

Jojo Siwas new era takes people by storm and drama stirs up!
Jojo Siwa Did Not Comeback Like a Boomrang
Allison Rospierski, Staff Writer • April 12, 2024

Jojo Siwa, Dance Moms star and popular singer of the 2010s is trying to rebrand. The public has different opinions on the matter. She’s no longer a “kid...

Womens history has been a long and arbitrary subject, and we have been robbed of brilliant writers who were forced to be wives. (Bryson Taylor)
Women's History Month | The Exhausting Fight for Women's Rights
Alexa Simpson, Staff Writer • March 29, 2024

“Man has the advantage of choice, women only the power of refusal.” Jane Austen As long as man has lived, women have never been equal. In 2024,...

Capturing the essence of a Tejano legend—Selenas portrait poster, a tribute to her enduring impact and musical legacy
Selena Documentary Secrets Between Yolanda and Selena
Sonny Cruz, Around Campus Editor • March 22, 2024

As audiences turned in to watch Yolanda Saldivar discuss her imafuse murder of Selena Quintanilla Perez the docuseries brought in 1.5 million viewers on...

From bold colors to classic looks, our students diverse styles express their individuality. Fashion is more than clothes—its a statement of who we are
All About The 90's
RJ Goodwin and Sonny Cruz March 22, 2024

Fashion has changed significantly throughout history, reflecting societal, cultural, and technological shifts. From ancient to modern-day trends the development...

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Graphic of what the Phoenix area might look like if the weather continues to be uncharacteristically cold.
Arizona's Moody Weather Swings
Zae Cravens, Staff Writer • February 2, 2024

During the late 1800s, Arizona experienced a series of severe winters, which were called the "Great Freezes." These freezes brought freezing temperatures dropping to between 40-44 degrees during night time and snowfall to parts of the state. It was quite a surprise for the residents who were used to...

Viper Puzzle 4/12
Viper Puzzle 4/12
April 9, 2024
BanterBuddies Episode 2: Romance Movies Perfect for Valentines Day
BanterBuddies Episode 2: Romance Movies Perfect for Valentine's Day
Hannah Bruce, Allison Rospierski, and Aria Anderson February 15, 2024

Today we talk about our top three favorite romance movies to watch with your friends and loved ones during the season of love.

BanterBuddies: Students have a Disorganization problem
BanterBuddies: Students have a Disorganization problem
Hannah Bruce, Allison Rospierski, and Aria Anderson February 2, 2024

  Many students have struggled with a lack of organization skills for most of their lives. Disorganization is an issue that can cause...

Viper Podcast: New Years Resolutions
Viper Podcast: New Year's Resolutions
Kevin Reinhardt and Gabby Comer January 11, 2024

Kevin Reinhardt and Gabby Comer discuss the different effects of New Year's resolutions. Intro and Outro music by Twisterium on Pixabay.  

SpaceX Rocket leaves a beam of glowing smoke behind it as it goes slowly through the sky making people question what it is.
SpaceX Launches
Valarie Alvarado and Sonny Cruz March 29, 2024

On March 18th, 2024, there was a sudden wave of reports that came from all over the U.S. reporting a strange beam of light slowly going through the sky as it left a glowing smoke following it as it went along the night sky, but what was this mysterious thing in the sky? It...

The person behind the profile picture might not be who they say they are, and online dating apps are an easy way for bad actors to meet up with unsuspecting young people.
Gen Z And The Dangerous Relationship With Online Dating
Alexa Simpson, Staff Writer • March 1, 2024

With the privilege of about 97% of the American population owning a cell phone, it makes it possible for one to create personal relationships with strangers on the internet. However, many flaws lie within...

Many Sephora locations are struggling with the take over of young teens and tweens.
Sephora Kids Gone Wild
Alyssa Chavez, Staff Writer • February 2, 2024

A new alarming trend is capturing TikTok's attention with 9 to 11-year-olds raiding Sephoras around the U.S. Little girls are going to Sephora stores, destroying makeup testers and displays, being disrespectful...

Major players in the hip hop world have been under fire through tracks released by very large names in the music industry.
Kendrick Lamar Fires At The Top Shooters
Jalil Humphrey, Staff Writer • April 5, 2024

Drake and J. Cole dissed on the same track within the same verse. A trigger has been set off in the hip-hop sphere, the shooter being Kendrick Lamar. What...

The name of Conan Grays upcoming album deals with relationships and moving on.
Conan Gray Tour and Album Release Date
Allison Rospierski, Staff Writer • March 29, 2024

Rising artist Conan Gray has been making quite the commotion as of late. Conan has two albums, Superache and Kid Krow. Conan...

Olivia Rodrigo on a floating moon singing Logical at the GUTS World Tour.
Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour!
Ariel Bolich, Staff Writer • March 7, 2024

The GUTS World Tour has fans over the moon as this will be a bigger tour than her first one, the SOUR Tour. Tickets went...

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