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Medill Journalism School at Northwestern University houses a not just print journalists but podcasters.
A Look Inside Medill Journalism School At Northwestern University
Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief

Brown leaves swirl in the wind, and the sun glitters on Lake Michigan. This is Northwestern in December. Two miles north of Chicago city lines is Evanston. Although only 7 minutes from Chicago as soon as you enter Evanston you are transported into a quaint suburban neighborhood where you will find Northwestern University. Northwestern is a top-ten...

Students at Verrado should be wary of the authenticity of advertisers on  social media.
Teens & Substance Abuse
Leah Melessa and Abby Williams

They make it look fun. It tastes like candy. It’s a marketer’s dream and a family’s nightmare.  Generation Z is no stranger to...

This adorable pup just got a bath and brush by Bryson.
Verrado Student's Business Lets The Dogs Out
Emily Lusk, Staff Writer

Recently you may have seen many businesses popping up here and there, whether they’re new ones you've never seen before or popular ones that...

Staff Writer Lizzy  Martinez checks out Viper Times  on Instagram.
Social Media Compounds Teen Issues

What to wear? Where to be? Who to follow? Social Media is a huge part of a teenager's life and it can be a lot of fun, but what happens when...

Verrado students assemble to support the end of fast fashion.
Why Is It So Hard To Keep Up?
Leah Melessa, Staff Writer

Siren eyes or doe eyes? Upturned eyeliner or downturned eyeliner? You’re beautiful if your smile looks like this. Stop putting your blush on...

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Vipers made quick work of their opponent during a recent game.
Vipers Bite Poisonous to Desert Edge Scorpions
Kasson Wyatt, Staff Writer • January 20, 2023

On Thursday, January 12th, the Verrado Vipers played the Desert Edge Scorpions at home in the Viper Pit. Going into this game the Vipers were 8-7 after winning their last 2 games by huge margins and were looking to add another huge win to the books.  The Viper Times got the opportunity to speak with coach Marks, Verrado’s head coach, and ask him...

Donation of the new Viper Basketball scoreboard courtesy of Apex Network Physical Therapy.
Viper Basketball Receives New Scoreboard
Gavin Lopez, Staff Writer • January 20, 2023

In the middle of the Vipers basketball 10 and 5 season this year, Apex Network Physical Therapy provided a generous donation to the school with...

Zaveion takes time to catch his breath at a Viper home game.
Zaveion Bineyard: Ready To Play At The Next Level
Bryson Taylor, Sports Editor • December 7, 2022

Playing basketball at the next level is a dream for almost anyone who plays. Unfortunately, only about one or two percent of high school athletes...

Gunner Gingg lines up for the next play at a recent game.
Verrado OLB Looks Forward to the Future
Josue Gil, Staff Writer • November 22, 2022

As the 2021 season for our Verrado Vipers Football ends, it leaves a lot of questions for the future direction of the football team as a lot...

The Verrado Vipers hoped to extend their run during the playoffs.
Vipers End Playoff Run
Connor Gingg, Staff Writer • November 21, 2022

On Friday, Verrado Vipers Football officially wrapped up the end of their season with a loss to Desert Mountain High in the first round of 5A...

Pajama day is always a popular choice during Spirit Weeks at Verrado.
Be Spirited During Wish Week
Brissa Zambrano, Staff Writer

As this semester is slowly coming to an end, one thing Verrado can look forward to is our yearly tradition of Wish Week. Wish Week and our annual spirit week will take place this year from December (12-16th). Wish Week is a week where Verrado works together...

Lightning around the Valley of Sun signals another round of monsoon storms.
Crazy Weather is Just the Start
Mia Garcia, Staff Writer • November 4, 2022

The floods that are happening in Australia are devastating. The southeastern parts of Australia, which have some of the most condensed amounts...

Lightning sparks the night sky over Phoenix increasing potential for wildfires.
Climate Change Affecting More Than Weather
November 4, 2022

Arizona had noticeably different weather this October, especially in comparison to the past few years. In 2022, Arizona had overwhelmingly hot...

Learn to manage your credit cards and debt by using Step.
It's Important To Start Establishing Credit
Gavin Lopez, Staff Writer • October 28, 2022

Recently, around Verrado, a company has been advertising the importance of credit. The mobile banking app, Step, was started by a pair of financial...

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Ugly sweaters really get people talking and are definitely a fashion statement.
Photo Op: Ugly Sweaters Scream Holidays
J'Nay Coopwood, Staff Writer • December 20, 2022

We're in the middle of the holiday season and in case you haven't noticed Ugly Sweaters are definitely a thing. If you're looking for something that will create a buzz and get your friends and family talking about more than football and the turkey then...

Hot Chocolate & Holiday Movies
Hot Chocolate & Holiday Movies
Abby Williams, Editor at Large • December 20, 2022

This Christmas season is for spending time with family and building memories together. We may not think so now but these memories will last a lifetime. Everyone...

One of Colleen Hoovers most popular and groundbreaking books put readers in a position where they have to read the sequel It Starts With Us
Colleen Hoover's "It Ends With Us"
Annabelle Flores, Staff Writer • November 17, 2022

Colleen Hoover, who is quickly ascending to be the Nation's #1 young adult author for her fiction novels, is experiencing a successful surge of enthusiastic fans...


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Spirited is a new take on the classic A Christmas Carol featuring Ryan Reynolds.
Not So Spirited
Jaylen Tolliver, Staff Writer • December 8, 2022

The Christmas season has finally arrived! With the jolly season finally making a comeback, the theaters have displayed a new Christmas movie called, Spirited. Spirited is a film about a hateful misanthrope...

A character from Warzone 2.0 glares menacingly from the car.
Proximity Chat Added to Warzone 2.0
Gavin Lopez, Staff Writer • December 5, 2022

Warzone 2.0 is one of the new video games in 2022 that is super fun, and it’s completely free. Anyone...

Logan created a collage of Taylor Swift covers for his article.
Midnights by Taylor Swift
Logan Davidson, Staff Writer • November 8, 2022

From country to pop to folk and back to pop again, Taylor Swift, is undoubtedly one of the most prominent...

Some protesters believe the key to ending global warming lies in oil production.
Climate Change Protestors Hit the Art World
Logan Davidson, Staff Writer • November 4, 2022

It’s no secret that our world is in danger of being permanently harmed by global warming. With country...

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Definitely, the best Superbowl snack on the planet is Chicken Wings.
The Bardot Baking Show: Superbowl Food
Bardot Cormier and Gunner Gingg February 7, 2023

Bardot and Gunner give you some great Superbowl ideas including a hack to serving the best chicken wings.

Kevin and Yakira chat with 3 AP teachers about all things AP.
Viper Podcast: All Things AP
Yakira Wade and Kevin Reinhardt January 30, 2023

Why Aren't You Taking AP Classes? A lot of students are scared to take AP because they think it's too hard, and a lot of work, and a B can mess...

Kevin and Yakira strike a pose for this weeks Viper podcast.
Viper Podcast: Music vs. Artist
Kevin Reinhardt and Yakira Wade December 16, 2022

Kevin and Yakira explore what happens to the music once your favorite artist gets canceled. Do you stop listening or can you separate the two?  

The Viper Podcasters give you the low down on Santa.
Viper Podcast: Santa Exposed
Kevin Reinhardt and Yakira Wade December 5, 2022

In this episode of Viper Podcast, Yakira and Kevin discuss when they first found out the truth about Santa Claus.

The Viper Vanguard car show is tomorrow at Verrado high school.
Viper Vanguard Hosts Car Show
Dulce Zavala, Staff Writer • January 27, 2023
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