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BMX “No Hate Tour” Hits Verrado High!

Sonny Cruz
BMX champion Koshi doing breath taking stunts on the ramp for the students.

The BMX “No Hate Tour” rolled into Verrado High School on January 22nd, and it wasn’t just about doing cool tricks – it was all about taking a stand against bullying. The BMX riders put on a show with their awesome stunts, but they also had a message to share, especially for students facing tough times.

The riders didn’t just want to impress everyone with their skills; they wanted to make the school a friendlier place. Even Mr. Thomas, Verrado’s principal, got in on the action by letting a rider do a crazy backflip over him that had everyone cheering.

The connection between BMX riding and bullying is all about being brave. When the riders do flips and spins on the ramps, it’s like saying, “You can be fearless and still love what you do.” This is a big inspiration for students dealing with bullying – it shows them that they can be strong and follow their passions.

BMX speaker inspiring message to students about the meaning of BMX and a stop to bullying. (Sonny Cruz)

BMX riders aren’t just good at doing tricks; they’re also big supporters of kindness. They want to make the school a positive and welcoming place, not just during their performance but every day.

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Students should look up to them, not just for their tricks but also for spreading kindness and working together for a future where everyone understands each other. The idea of “Riding High” is like a cool way of saying we can rise above problems with kindness.

So, the BMX “No Hate Tour” was not just a show; it was a reminder that kindness and being brave can make our school and our future better. It’s like the BMX riders are showing us that we can all “ride high” above the challenges we face, making our world a friendlier place for everyone.

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