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GCU Lab Forensics Trip

Emma McWhorter
Hundreds of enthusiastic students from various disciplines converged at Grand Canyon University (GCU) to participate in GCU’s Forensics Day! The event buzzed with excitement as students explored the intricate world of forensics through interactive exhibits, engaging workshops, and insightful talks by industry experts. It was a day filled with learning, networking, and inspiration, showcasing the vibrant academic community at GCU.

The GCU Forensics field trip was an exciting opportunity for all of Mrs. Sherman’s five classes. They took a trip down to Grand Canyon University located in Phoenix, Arizona, where they were able to do multiple labs and even got to go inside of GCUs own cadaver lab where the students got to see first hand what it is like for GCU’s students to perform med school level anatomy on cadavers.

Grand Canyon has a specific day where they invite local high school juniors, seniors and community college students to the GCU campus. During this time they offer the local students a chance to learn and expand their knowledge within Forensic science and technology. This gives young students like us a look into different career opportunities whether it’s becoming a Forensic investigator, Forensic scientist, Forensic engineer and what they might do on a day to day basis.

During the cadaver lab located in GCUs forensics building, students were able to go in with their groups of ten people, where they got to learn about the process of working with cadavers but also the anatomy of the human body. While in there we saw a human liver, heart, brain with spinal cord, and the right lung along with a female cadaver.

In an interview with Mrs. Sherman, a Science teacher at Verrado High School states,
“ Seriously, it’s such a great opportunity to see the real world application to this course! Hearing from experts in the field- getting to be on a college campus, exploring career opportunities. I couldn’t pass it up. I knew I wanted my students to get to experience all of that. I think the field trip was very beneficial for all those reasons.”

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Mrs. Sherman also states, “ Yes, I will absolutely do it again next year! Everyone was so appreciative of the opportunity to attend. It was very rewarding from a personal and professional standpoint.” When she was asked if she will be taking her students on this field trip next year.

This field trip was by far the most exciting and beneficial experience for myself. I was able to learn about human anatomy during the cadaver lab, increase my knowledge in latent fingerprints, seeing how the SWAT team uses different items in the force and K-9 tactics.

I really recommend going to GCUs Forensic Day if you have the opportunity to, it allowed for all of us to expand our knowledge but also access possible career paths we may want to pursue now.

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  • E

    Emily HernandezApr 28, 2024 at 12:58 AM

    awe man i was here for it! would’ve been great to have spotted old peeps from verrado

  • I

    izaiah romanMar 22, 2024 at 2:19 PM