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Bradley Frye, Staff Writer

For as long as he can remember, Bradley Frye has been an observer. An observer of everything around him from the smallest details like the trees, the grass, and the sky to the bigger picture things like American and World issues that didn’t even have an impact on him but were moved by them nonetheless. To express the way he felt about all of these things going on around Brad, He took to something he has considered one of his best skills, writing. Ever since his mom put a 1961 Royal Typewriter in front of him, he knew that writing was something he was passionate about. Now he isn’t a fan of writing essays about old English that he can’t even understand written by a man that’s been dead for hundreds of years, but he can make a whole day of writing about things that he’s passionate about like sports, films, world events and historical events that have relevance in today’s world. To Brad, the world of Journalism is about telling a story to many in the hopes that someone will be impacted by his work and be inspired to make a difference in their lives and informing the masses on issues big and small that have an impact on all of us in one way or another. In the end, Bradley hopes of taking his writing skills to the next level whether that’s working for a news network or writing a novel in his free time later in life. To put it quite simply, Brad just loves to tell a good story and inform.     

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Bradley Frye