Books for a Summer Read


Annabelle Flores, Staff Writer

Looking for a book that correlates with the weather can be frustrating and hard to find. Most people want a book for the summer that takes place on a tropical island or in a Venice beach type of setting. Although many books fit this genre there aren’t many that have quality. I know what it is like to spend hours researching books so  I can find one that has good quality and is the type of book that will get me motivated and in the mood for a hot summer vacation. Because of this, I made a list of good-quality books that are perfect for the coming summer vacation.

We were liars: We were liars is a psychological mystery written by E. Lockhart. This book tells a story about a girl who gets into a mysterious accident on a private island over the summer. Throughout the book, the protagonist tries to figure out what caused her accident while revealing her corrupt family’s secrets. 

Did I mention I love you: Written by Estelle Maskame, Did I mention I love you is a romance trilogy that takes place in Santa Monica, California. The protagonist’s name is Eden, whose parents are divorced, yet agrees to spend the summer with her wealthy father and step-siblings. Although Eden thinks her summer will be far from interesting, she finds herself rethinking how her summer is going to go.  

Looking for Alaska: This book is known for its complexity of characters and its well-known author who is John Green. Looking for Alaska is about a teenage boy named Miles who goes to a boarding school and meets his friend Alaska who dies in a car crash. Throughout the rest of the book, Miles and his friends try to figure out if Alsaka’s death was a suicide or an accident. This coming-of-age novel takes the reader through the trials of being a teenager while dealing with grief and teenage relationships.