Les Mis Shines

The ensemble performing a fun and drunken rendition of Drink with Me.
The ensemble performing a fun and drunken rendition of “Drink with Me.”
Hannah Bruce

After months of hard work and dedication, the cast and crew of Verrado High’s theatre finally hit the stage to perform the hit Broadway musical, Les Miserables.  The Verrado auditorium was filled opening night, April 24th. 26th,  The seats were packed every night, especially on the first day when crowds of Verrado students and families swarmed in to buy tickets and find the best seats.

Marius (Ezra De Paz) and Cosette (Charlotte Wolter) walk off the stage after their characters get married. (Hannah Bruce )

The actors’ performances were absolutely incredible, with many talented singers astounding the audience. They truly have wide vocal ranges and amazing acting skills. 

An emotional moment shows Marius (Ezra De Paz) holding Eponine (Yzabel Ayuban) in his arms as she dies. (Hannah Bruce )

Not only were many high school students showing off their immense talent on stage, but multiple children played important roles in the production. This made the musical stand out from all the rest and viewers of the production adored the overall performance even more. 

An old Jean Valjean (Michael Myers) sings about his regrets and choices after the death of many from the final battle (Hannah Bruce )

In addition, every aspect of the production of Verrado’s Les Mis perfectly fit the original musical. The costumes suited the timeline, the sets were astonishing, the props were chosen carefully, and so much more. 

A student (Piper Conner) waves a bright red flag on top of the barricade after many were injured and killed. (Hannah Bruce )

The large set seen during the performance has also been used in other Verrado High productions. The double-staircase balcony was used not only in Les Mis, but also in Mean Girls and Jekyll and Hyde.

Fantine (Gabriella Chavez) holds her daughter Cosette (Eliana Barlett) moments before dying of sickness. (Hannah Bruce )

All of the cast and crew brought their individual talents to the table to form arguably Verrado High’s very best musical performance so far. 

Javert (Izaiah Roman) sings for the last time before his death. (Hannah Bruce )

Audiences saw many familiar faces on the stage such as Gabriella Chavez (Regina in Mean Girls), Michael Myers (Jekyll/Hyde in Jekyll and Hyde), and Charlotte Wolter (Cady in Mean Girls) in the musical. Based on the performances of these actors and others, it is clear to see that the cast is carefully formulated to make sure they can all work well together. 

The ensemble performed a fun and drunken rendition of “Drink with Me.” (Hannah Bruce )

To add, the stage crew did their job flawlessly. Never missing a cue or a mark, being swift when moving sets/props. It definitely can be a difficult and stressful job, but they did more than just pull it off. 

Javert, (Izaiah Roman) nearing the end of his life finally gives up on capturing Jean Valjean, and comes to terms with his actions. (Hannah Bruce )

Verrado High School’s Les Miserables completely blew the audience away. Many people posted online about how great it was, and even people in person talked about how amazing the show was. This performance was revolutionary, no pun intended, and an absolute job well done. 

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