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Le Mis: A Revolutionary Review

The cast of Le Mis singing “At the End of the Day” towards the ending of the musical.

Our school performed a school edition of ‘Les Miserables’, the showings for the musical were on April 24th, 26th and 27th at 7pm. It was located in the VHS auditorium. The performance was spectacular!

I attended the showing of the musical on April 26th, this was the second musical put on by Verrado High School that I have attended. It was a very well organized performance, I could tell a lot of hard work was put into this performance done by the cast and staff over here at Verrado High School.

The cast of ‘Les Miserables’ includes Izaiah Roman as Javert, Michael Myers as Jean Valjean, Gab Chavez as Fantine, Bryan Weaver as Thenardier/Convict, Charlotte Wolter as Cosette, Ezra De Paz as Marius/Convict and so many other incredible cast members.

‘Les Miserables’ is set in the 19th century located in France. The storyline follows the life of Jean Valjean, the main character as he is an ex-convict who is seeking out redemption even after being imprisoned for a total of 19 years after he was caught stealing a loaf of bread and then had an added sentence due to repetitive escapes. Once he’s no longer in prison he is hunted down for breaking parole.

During the show I noticed everyone was very easily captivated by the cast and their performance. Each and every one of them sang so beautifully and truly captured every moment so well. As I watched them perform I grew more and more intrigued with the characters and their storylines.

I interviewed Zoe Udulutch a Senior and stage manager here at Verrado High School, she stated “When it came to building the set, it took months, we reused the set from the ‘Mean Girls’ musical but snazzed it up, thanks to our build crew and cast that helped!” when asked what it was like building the Le Mis set.

She also stated “Being a stage manager can be hectic, but I love it, getting to work with both the cast and crew to make an amazing production.” when she was asked if she enjoyed being a stage manager for our school’s Le Mis musical this year.

I also interviewed Mrs.Spiegle, our choir director here at Verrado High School, she stated “Les Miserables happens to be my favorite musical; it is also one of Mrs. Farrington’s favorite musicals. We had originally planned on putting on a different show; however, when we saw the talent we had, we just knew that we needed to switch and put on Le Mis. We wanted to end the year with an epic show, and I think Le Mis achieved that.” when asked why Le Mis was picked for this year’s last musical.

This musical was by far my favorite musical Verrado High School has ever done and I believe many people would agree with that. The music, costumes, props, cast, and overall performance was incredibly done.

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