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Molly Strebig, Editor-in-Chief

Originally from California, Molly Strebig has grown up in nothing but the sun and sand, giving her lots of time to long for something more. Although she loves the beach and all the small cities she would explore back when she lived near San Diego, she couldn’t help but aspire to land somewhere different when she grew up; somewhere almost polar opposite of what she knew. If there’s one thing for sure, New York would be the perfect example for her. She adores city life, loves a cold winter, and always appreciates a rainy day. Looking into a building makes her think of each story going on behind the different windows, making each story individual like a snowflake, there’s no one who wouldn’t fit in the Big Apple. Molly’s come across a lot of different career paths she’s aspired for in her life, but if one thing is for sure it’s that writing has been the one she could truly picture herself achieving in her lifetime. Whether that means being a columnist, a travel journalist, or even becoming an author, she’s not particularly sure. However, to her, that’s the beauty of journalism, there are endless possibilities. 

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Molly Strebig