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Molly Strebig, Features Editor

If there’s one thing she’s passionate about, it’s living in the city when she's older. Although she’s passionate about many things, New York is probably the number one item on her list. She's also has a love for animals, music, writing, and so much more. She has two adorable dogs and has always had a love for animals but is oddly afraid of fish. Maybe that’s why she became vegetarian over quarantine and really enjoys it.  She likes being active and eating balanced meals, but what person doesn’t love the occasional brownie?  She works hard for what she really wants, and is willing to do just about anything to accomplish her goals. No matter where she ends up, she tends to focus on the positivity of any situation, even when it’s really hard to do so. Don’t let her fool you though, she may be a lot of things, but in the end, she’s just your average teenager.

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Molly Strebig