Viper Podcast: All Things AP


Kevin Reinhardt

Kevin and Yakira chat with 3 AP teachers about all things AP.

Yakira Wade and Kevin Reinhardt

Why Aren’t You Taking AP Classes? A lot of students are scared to take AP because they think it’s too hard, and a lot of work, and a B can mess up your college future and any hope of scholarship money. What students don’t realize is how much fun these classes can be when there is more in-depth discovery into topics that students will enjoy.

In this episode of the Viper Podcast, Kevin Reinhardt and Yakira Wade discuss all things AP Classes! We talk with Ms. Barnes, Ms. Auble, and Ms. Barnhill, who are all AP teachers at Verrado High School and teach different subjects of AP classes.

Ms. Barnes teaches AP Literature and AP Seminar and has loved these classes since she attended high school herself. Ms. Auble is a very avid history fan and loves teaching AP US history. Finally, Ms. Barnhill taught chemistry for many years has stepped up to teach AP Chemistry this year! They discuss what their class looks like during an average day, and share some of their insights on the benefits of taking AP classes. With course selection around the corner consider adding some of the AP classes offered to your 2023-2024 schedule and if you’ve already selected your classes, you can definitely email your counselor to make the change. 

AP classes add a lot to your resume when it comes to college selections, jobs, and also your own self-discipline as a student. Access to AP is open to all Verrado students with very few restrictions including there are no tests required to take the class. Students don’t need to be college ready, this is the perfect opportunity for Verrado Vipers to practice these skills and grow academically.

If you’ve ever been curious about AP classes, tune in to the Viper Podcast this week.

Kevin Reinhardt