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These Netflix Shows Should Not Have Been Cancelled

Watching Netflix shows can be very therapeutic, but when your favorite show is canceled it can be rough. Netflix Logomark by Netflix Inc. is licensed under Public Domain.

Everyone knows that frustrating feeling when they find out a series they were passionate about was canceled. Learning a favorite show won’t be renewed for a new season isn’t the end of the world, but it sure is heartbreaking. Many streaming services, especially Netflix, tend to discontinue their series to produce more seasons of other more popular content, leaving said fans in the dust.

One intriguing show that was discontinued is I Am Not Okay With This. This series follows Sydney, known Syd by friends, and her journey as an outsider with newfound superpowers she can’t control. The season shows her navigating not only these special abilities but also her family and friend struggles.

This show is not only addicting, but it also can be very relatable to fellow teens. Despite the amazing cliffhanger at the end that was sure to drive viewers crazy, the series was still canceled. This was mostly due to financial reasons because of COVID-19 expenses, but some shows were spared of cancellation regardless of these costs and I Am Not Okay With This should have been one of them!

Another great show that was sadly canceled is Inside Job. There are many adult animations out there that are just unclever and humorless, but this show is not one of them.

This laugh-out-loud comedy is about the shadow government and a chaotic team whose job is to commit to the world’s conspiracy theories. They hold the secrets of Earth, like how Mark Zuckerberg is secretly a reptile, the moon landing was staged, and the president was replaced by a robot years ago.

Fan Hannah Bruce states, “I’m still so heartbroken that Inside Job got canceled. It was a genuinely good show and it was super funny. Most adult cartoons now are super bad, especially the ones made by Netflix. Inside Job has super loveable and funny characters, and the jokes are thought out and funny. While still being a mostly comedy show for adults, they still manage to put in more thought-out serious moments and plot lines. The characters are relatable and their designs perfectly go together. I will never forgive Netflix for canceling this show.”

Inside Job is hilarious because it completely twists reality and explains historic events, celebrities, and occurrences in a ridiculously different light. Not to mention, the characters are each so well-written and the dialogue is incredibly clever. However, despite all of its charming qualities, the comedy was discontinued after two parts.

The Midnight Gospel is another adult animation that is both funny and philosophical. The series follows Clancy, who travels to different worlds and dimensions through his multiverse simulator, and his adventures as he accompanies and interviews citizens of these unfamiliar lands for his podcast.

In each episode, a guest voice actor is brought in to play the interviewee. This show is clever and witty because as Clancy has deep conversations and walks with each of these new people, chaos and out-of-pocket things happen along the way.

The art, voice acting, and dialogue provide a cozy feel and are all in all a comforting show. With all of this in mind, The Midnight Gospel deserves more than the one season it got.

Another incredibly cherished series that was unfortunately discontinued is none other than Anne With an E. The series, based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel Anne of Green Gables, is a beautifully crafted retelling with many changes made throughout the story to create an interesting and loveable show.

The representation, romance, adventure, and heartwarming moments are the cause of the large group of fans from all over the world. Because of its popularity, everyone was confused as to why it was not going to return for a fourth season. Even Ryan Reynolds himself begged for the series to continue!

A huge fan of this show, Bella Levie, says, “It touches on important topics such as sexuality, feminism, race, and culture, along with issues more specific to the time period, like Native American assimilation, despite all of these things not being in the original novels. There was so much left unsaid, therefore it could have gone on for at least another season. Overall, the TV series ending was unnecessary.”

Anne With an E is overall a spectacular show gorgeously done with breathtaking scenery, costumes, and more.

These are just some of the many series that have been undeservingly discontinued! Therefore, fans of said shows may only find happiness by rewatching the small amount of content the series contains and will never get to look forward to new and exciting material.

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