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Flag Football Interest Meeting & Upcoming Fundraiser

Allison Rospierski
The Flag-Football Interest meeting is coming up! Please hop on the virtual meeting if you are interested!

Flag football is recruiting! The ladies have been doing off-season training for the 2024-2025 school year on Mondays and Thursdays. However, there’s one thing missing for next year, more girls! They had a lot of seniors graduate from the team so spots are open. An interest meeting will be happening on May 7th.

Coach Booth says, “The interest meeting will go over paperwork needed for tryouts, tryout details, season overview, our field update going from grass to turf, AIA rules, summer practices, our social media, etc.”

As stated before the flag football team is currently doing off-season training, all lady vipers are welcome if they want to try out flag football. No experience is needed, all the coaches and girls currently in the training are very welcoming. The girls are also planning on doing off-season training throughout the summer, doing weight lifting, and being in the aux gym to practice routes.

What is required to bring for off-season training is a pair of workout shoes, a lot of water, and a good attitude. Some other items that would cost extra money out of pocket but would be good to have if getting serious about flag football are; a pair of football gloves, cleats, and a mouth guard.

Flag Football is a sport that is decently easy to get into, girls who are currently in off-season training, have improved greatly, and become a better athlete as a whole with many more friends they had entered with. A player says, “Yeah I joined my freshman year, it was my first time playing flag football that year and I really enjoy the sport now!”

Keep in mind that the Flag Football season is in the fall. It is possible to play two sports at once if you already have a dominant fall sport. By all means, don’t overwork, but please do consider attempting to play flag football even if it doesn’t work out.

The poster with the QR code if you are interested about the Flag Football article! (Allison Rospierski)

Even if Vipers are unable to join the team they are still able to support the girls with this upcoming fundraiser. A fundraiser for the football team is going to be at the local MOD Pizza. They will be raising dough to be able to buy the resources they need for the upcoming season. It’ll be May 16th so bring friends and family. Either find a flier or order online using the code MODGIVES25. This being implied in the code, it will give the school 25% of the bill for the girl’s team.

Again, if any questions are bubbling, please consider scanning the QR code, if even in the slightest interest in joining flag football. It’s an experience that will stick with you for a lifetime and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you want any more updates or more information about anything Flag football-related, please consider following Instagram @verradoflagfootball.

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