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Alizaya Caratachea, Staff Writer

Born and raised in Arizona, Alizaya has always grown up very close to her family. When it comes to her parents, she wants nothing more than to make them proud. Setting expectations high for herself not only to please them but because she is the oldest of 2 younger brothers. These boys give her the motivation she needs to reach her goals and do everything to the best of her ability in life. They motivate her to be a good example for them to look up to and learn from. Family is what gives her the strength she needs to take on any challenge that comes her way. Alizaya has and always will hold a special place in her heart for these people. 

Family has helped lead her to the future occupation she wants to pursue which is nursing. Her family has influenced Alizaya to become a nurse because they are constantly reminding Alizaya of what a great caretaker she is to those that are in need of her help. Usually, with the kids, she enjoys babysitting or with her younger siblings. Nursing is about caring for patients and trying your best to bring a patient back to good health. Growing up this is all she has been given and taught to give back out to the world. She feels this is the best career path for her because being the oldest she takes on a mother figure, giving her the skills to nurture any child or person, mentally and physically. In which she enjoys doing so. Alizaya plans to eventually one day become a pediatric nurse practitioner specializing in mental health. Alizaya realized she wanted to specialize in mental health after the covid pandemic hit. The pandemic showed her that the effect of one's environment has a big impact on their mental health. Especially in children. 

As for her interests, Alizaya enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She likes to go shopping, listen to music, and take pictures of the sunset. She loves to shop for clothes and makeup with her mom and friends. When it comes to music she does not really have a specific preference but she usually loves any 2000’s throwbacks, r&b, and pop music. In Alizaya’s alone time she can be found reading poetry books and doing her makeup.

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Alizaya Caratachea