Stepping Foot in the Real World


The Caratachea Family

Photo of Journalism student, Alizaya Caratachea posing in front of a fountain.

Alizaya Caratachea, Staff Writer

Dear Verrado,

I joined Verrado at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. I joined your school, not just because my family made a move, but because I had a troubling freshman year. I got involved with the wrong crowd and at the time it was all fun and games until the consequences caught up to me. Ever since freshman year, I feel that I have been constantly trying to dig myself out of this pit, that I never have really gave myself the time to focus on the important things. I am constantly stressed and tired, worrying about my GPA, grades, and the piles of assignments I have yet to complete. I am repeatedly telling myself I need to make up for what I failed to do freshman year. Although at certain moments, within the cracks, I learned high school is way more than academics, it is what you make it out to be. Verrado has taught me about the good and bad parts of relationships and friendships, what it really means to grow up, what it means to love yourself, and how no matter the circumstance, it is important to appreciate the little things that show themselves within this part of life. 

I will never forget the memories and lessons that have made up for the time I’ve spent in your classrooms that do not have a fourth wall. Whether that be the numerous amount of fire alarms that have been set off throughout each week, or even to COVID-19. I may not have gotten my high school musical experience in any way possible, but it most definitely was something unique and something I will forever be grateful for. I think back to the timid freshman me who did not know any better, who was only learning and I wish I could give her a hug to tell her that it was going to be okay and that we were going to get through it. High school has taught me a lot about the way life goes. You never really know what will come your way or when it will approach you, but you should know how to overcome it and preserve through it because it is all part of the journey you have yet to finish.

I am now a senior, writing this letter as I say goodbye to high school and everything it has taught me. I have found peace in the way I am approaching the end of my time in high school. I get to move on with life outside of high school, which is very nerve-racking yet relieving the sense that I get to write the next chapter in my life however I desire.

 As I finish up my thoughts to all the underclassmen that find themselves reading this, high school is what you make it out to be. Take the time to enjoy the little things that show up within the holes in your homework assignments. Find your people, find the time to go to the school dances and events, find the time to stay out late with your friends, and find the time to laugh like you never have before. High school is going to go by faster than you think, learn that mistakes are okay and that it is not something you should beat yourself up over. Eventually, you will learn that it is important to appreciate the smaller things, it is important to allow yourself time to catch your breath, it is all part of learning and growing up, fitting into the ways of high school. 

Lastly, to the seniors that are also stepping foot into the real world with me, I wish you all the best and I hope no matter what high school experience you have had, you are able to appreciate it and learn from it. We had a unique one, so here’s to the class of 2022, where if you made it through these four crazy years of high school, you can make it through anything! I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life and the places you are going to go. 


 Goodbye Verrado High School and with great appreciation forever,


Alizaya Caratachea.