Will Social Media Ever Be Safe?

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Social media is a common activity that everyone is familiar with. We can communicate with people that we haven’t seen in a long time, meet with others, play a quick game (Snapchat), and we can share some of our talents, best moments, and find the best videos for what you like most. But in most cases, the media that is used for happier memories and some time to speak with others is used against the public to either gain something for themselves. This leads to a more and more bad reputation for social media. 

Starting from the beginning when we didn’t have media we were commonly using messages or any other messaging systems, like DM and Paging, that would help us make easier contact with others and make it without having to get up from home. Having the ability of such technology also makes it easier to communicate. Even for others that might have work that could be useful making it a long-distance assistant so and so forth. We have used this way for a few years even when cellphones became more likely to change and improve in some way, shape, or form. 

Recently, the media has been used for frequent communication and sharing similar passions that we could find such as art, music, and many others. In more modern times, the true purpose of the app has been changed and has become a platform for people who have addictions that are usually not healthy or are violating what is appropriate to others who are younger and older. The platform has been a place where labels become more apparent and are used to harm or bully others who are considered “Different” or “Broken” this has led to a more drastic effect on those who were victims of these labels given to them. Especially people of a different gender who may have different viewing of themselves, ones who are given labels by the public just in order of appearance, clothing, or attitude towards others. And they do this with or without the knowledge of who that person might be and what they might do. 

Today, the media is now used by those who plan to harm others and get others to join to grow their cause in order to satisfy themselves with power over others. Some people use the media to satisfy an itch that will grow into scars and bruises. The media is used now to make a statement to others and misinform with false information in order to get them on their side. The media can be a dangerous place because of those kinds of people, and the media’s purpose was designed to be adapted to more positive outlooks instead of what it might be right now. The Media has now been a part of our lives for 20 years now and is still open to these threats, and labels. But the media can be a place for good measures, and the media is here to stay as long as we allow it to.