Finding the Right Dorm for You

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    Dorm Room

    Depending on what kind of life you want to live while in college it’s good to get a general idea of what kind of conditions you’re going to be working with, whether it is the freezing temps and ice, and whether it is long walking through campus, and food-wise near the campus that you and your friends will enjoy. If you want to live on campus then it’s best to get the layout of the grounds of this new world of school. 

    When applying for an in-person term, you have to find a dorm that suits your needs and your classes. So, what’s the best option for your time and energy? Let’sLets say we are talking about a specific class, engineering, this class might be located at one corner of the college. NAU’s engineering classes are at the engineering research facility, and GCU’s classes are at Engineeringengineerings Honors College. With that in mind, dorms can help make the situation easier to make it to classes on time, so some dorms that might be considered or to have in mind are Dixie Gammage hall at ASU, McConnel halls at NAU, Roadrunner dorms, and apartments at GCU. 

    Now talking about the dorms themselves, looking at them we have some pros and cons, depending on someone’s perspective of the room itself. It’s best to get an idea of what the dorms will look like and how you and your roommate will connect whilst in your dorm. For example, at ASU the dorms are nice but can be quite far from most classes that you need to get to. It would be within your best interest to connect with your roommate about whatever kind of food or activities are in downtown Arizona. At NAU, the rooms are a little smaller than some might like but they give enough room for both roommates to do work and have their own spaces. Of course, since it’s smaller and the dorms are a little older, not all things might work inside them. 

    Overall, these colleges have made it easier for us to experience college in the best way possible and strive for you to grow as you go through the year. It’s a refreshing way for students to grow from the experiences that we gain from our years at college.