Vampires in Greece

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    With new movies coming out we have gotten a lot of different genres from here to there, Morbius is a character generally recognized throughout the marvel universe. Morbius is the superhuman Vampire that eventually clashes with Spiderman, as an enemy. We will go over the overall movie and how it compares with movies that are currently being or have been made. This is the story of the living vampire. 

    The movie begins with a shot of a school in Greece which shows that the kids are being let out, and so we pan towards the window where four boys in red are pointing and laughing we pan into the building where the window is, and we see a boy looking out supposedly looking at bullies of his we pan more into the building where the boy is in a hospital bed and he is surrounded by other kids that play games as he sits at the window. The boy doesn’t seem to care for many of the games happening around him so instead, we see him play chess by himself in a swift sort of way. As he is playing we see a doctor directing another boy towards the boy playing chess, the second boy lays down in a bed next to the first kid, and they both are already shown to have the same situation they have crutches as they have a similar bloody disorder both would introduce themselves one would introduce themselves as Loxias crown, and the other boy is named Michael Morbius, and they stuck together because they saw themselves as identical brothers they knew they had the same blood disorder that they had forever. 

    As the two kept talking, Loxias slouches over the bed, Michael would yell for his name until he realized that his machine that circulated the blood was short-circuiting he quickly sprung into action knowing that he could not walk, when he opened the machine he took a look at the small fuse in the machine, so in a surprising and rather ingenious act he took apart his pen that was on his nightstand took it apart and he used the spring of the pen and replaced it. He then shifted his focus onto the near dying Loxius he soon perks up, scrambling to get himself comfortable and breathing again. Michael with relief sits back into his bed, he tells his doctor what had happened and his doctor suggests to him “The technicians had fixed it with top materials, you fixed it with that (pointing to the pen Michael had) there is a school with gifted students like yourself… I don’t want your talent to go to waste” going at least 15 years in the future Michael is now a doctor in the disease that him and his friend nicknamed “Milo” (due to another patient being where Loxias was) And so his journey as a doctor and soon anti-hero/supervillain possibly for the swinging hero we all know. 

    Reviewing the movie leading up to the set up to a near villain team-up movie, Jared Leto who plays this famous character makes the character look more real than we can imagine, acting-wise he seemed to portray that character just fine, Morbius is described before he got his powers as a little bit awkward because of his disorder his mother was protecting him so he was indoors a lot. In the case of Jared Leto playing this character he did something different to make the character a little bit different as in he made him slightly rude contrary to him being indoors too often, but still good work with his character overall, Morbius’ assistant Martine she plays a role in Morbius’ transformation, she is a character who is more sarcastic and works well with other kids based on her life with her work and how she works with her own two kids without the father there. The actress Adrian Arjona did a good job here too and gave the emotion and self shown emotions. The biggest detail that made it hard for the audience was the number of times Morbius was a little indecisive which made the audience feel that the movie was really bad but near the end, there might have been an explanation for one of his decisions so that gives that idea to the story. 

    Overall the movie had a lot of fun elements and new techniques with the different CGI decisions and the story for the movie as well felt pretty nice as Morbius is given a villain that would match his strength, and he is left with fighting his shadow and his fight against the temptation that will, later on, be worse over longer periods. Morbius had given some different effects for the character’s unique abilities, the effects pulled off the different aspects of a vampire bat, which Morbius is known to create experiments for his disease. Morbius is a good movie with a solid rating of 9/10 overall, a pretty decent job for Morbius.