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Caleb is a Staff Writer.

Caleb Simpson, Staff Writer

Caleb Simpson was born in Pismo Beach, California, he has lived in Arizona for a near 4-6 years and it is now his 4th year here at Verrado. Some interesting facts about his character are that he’s been around the world and lived around the world from the edge of Scotland to southern California on base, around California’s edges on the beach, to being smack dab in the middle of England's beautiful diversity, etc. He's been in and out of counties that had left and he tried to leave in an impact when he left as best as he could and pushed through all the difficulties. When he was getting older it got harder due to his family being in the military. He moved a lot which led him around the world and meeting some kind people with different strengths and weaknesses that he admired in them. 

Throughout the first part of their teenage life, he was mostly laid back and enjoyed staying indoors. For most of his life the one thing that was a big passion of his was music, whether it was calm and soothing, country, rock, poppy, he adjusted to all types because his interests were the small details that came with them. The different sounds, the different tones, etc. had jumped out to him and led to their love for playing music and different effects. Along with it, he found his biggest passions that day and he hasn’t let them go since. Jump to the present day and everything has turned into the person and man he has become today the collective experiences of others and the experiences that he was left with made him stronger as a person who is a part of a bigger society and growing and he is ready for the future for the next part of his life wherever that may lead him to he will work his best and find his way to find his perfect life. 

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