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Homemade Halloween Costumes

The demigorgon mask from a homemade stranger things costume worn by one of the Chavez kids.

For some, it may be hard to get your hands on a good costume for Halloween festivities. Costumes are made cheap but are sold expensive, and the only way to get a costume exactly how you want one is to DIY it.

It’s so much cheaper to make a costume from home and make it look good.

If someone doesn’t know how to make one, there are tutorials everywhere like TikTok and YouTube so that it is done right and looks good.

Tutorials are very descriptive, they show you exactly what you need to make the costume and give step-by-step instructions on how to create it.

Almost everything is online now and there are so many things you can find, and even if your costume idea isn’t out there, there are pictures to use and you can always guess and use whatever looks like the costume you’re aiming to create.

Here’s a DIY Jason Mask made by Jason Vargas; a VHS graduate of 2023. (Jason Vargas)

Jason Vargas was a student from Verrado High School who graduated last year. Instead of buying a Jason mask, he made his own mask at home. He said, “It was a lot cheaper than if I were to buy one and it only took about two hours to perfect it”.

This demonstrates a first hand experience in creating a homemade costume. Not only is it fun and cheap to make a costume at home but it’s entertaining and a fun activity to do with loved ones.

Making a costume at home also ensures that no one else will have the same look, making one stand out and personal touches can be added.

Creating DIY Halloween Costume can be as easy as just picking out different clothing pieces and assembling them together, and it never has to be perfect. It can also be as difficult as painting, sewing, and cutting up pieces of clothing to create the costume but it can also be the most fun to do it that way.

A Peacock costume made at home by Alyssa Camarillo and her mom. (Jackie Knutson)

Alyssa Camarillo is a senior at VHS, and when she was ten years old, she found some feathers at home and decided to make it into a peacock costume. Alyssa said, “My mom helped me make my costume, it was very easy, no one had the same costume as me, and I got to bond with my mom while making it”.

Making a costume at home also benefits those who like to dress up as characters in books or movies where there are no places that sell them. They can make it themselves at home and show everyone their favorite character.

Anyone who sees a homemade Halloween costume would be impressed because there’s so much you can do with items at home and it’s amazing how well something can be created by hand.

There are only so many costumes to buy at the store and they aren’t for every character and person out there, and no imagination or creativity is used with a store-bought costume!

There are so many benefits to making a costume at home and it’s a great chance to bond with family and friends as well as it’s something fun to do.

So go create your own Halloween costume at home this year. It feels great once the costume is done and it makes one feel so accomplished.

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