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Ye x Ty Dolla $ign LP Delayed Again!

Jalil Humphrey
The newer cover for Kanye’s influential and timeless album, “The College Dropout” on vinyl.

On October 23rd, songwriter and singer Ty Dolla $ign confirmed a joint album listening party, with fellow singer-songwriter Ye, originally set for November 3rd. Many fans have been speculating on what exactly a multi-stadium listening party means.

Although the parameters of the event aren’t clear, it all doesn’t matter right now as reportedly, the listening party has faced ANOTHER delay. This is nothing new from Kanye, as many of his albums face delays, cancellations, reworks, etc etc. This is new though, as Kanye has never delayed listening parties, only his music projects. This still has left many Ye fans disappointed, despite knowing his patterns of delaying music.

The confirmation of the multi-stadium collab arrived from Ty after there was a cancellation the week prior, the original date tracing back to October 20th. Fans speculated that Kanye likely canceled the stadium listening parties altogether, even the album. Surprisingly, however, it was only delayed by another 2 weeks. Henceforth, November 3rd was the previously stated date of the listening party. However, as reports float around, the listening party is likely not to start any time soon. For one, there has been a significant lack of venues or any type of promotion besides dates being stated for when the listening party is to come. The duo also may lack the financial backing to host such an event.

Recently, rumors have been floating around claiming that the album sounds like a mix between that of the College Dropout and erratic The Life Of Pablo, likely to pull back older fans and younger fans who may have distanced themselves from the artist. The joint album has been surfacing around since early August, and with more meticulous speculation, Kanye likely locked into creating the album when he deactivated his Instagram account on April 18th.

Being a Ye fan is a rollercoaster of emotions and controversy, being filled with many highs and lows. This album may serve as another statement for his career, akin to that of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This is not the first and may not be the last time Kanye uses good music to come back into the limelight.

Music has and will always be deeply rooted in Kanye despite his many pursuits and journeys beyond it. The focus as of now seems to be on the music and thankfully so. When the official album is to be released is unknown. Music is being made as we speak, but whether or not it sees the light of an official release is another question entirely.

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