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Verrado Fencing Club

Rio Brown
Students participating in the Medieval times event that was a mix of theater and fencing

Verrado has many different clubs to offer, one of which is fencing. Fencing is an exciting sport that features sword fighting as its main component and offers many new experiences.

Typically, the fencing club meets for about an hour every Tuesday, this gives students enough time to have fun, learn, and meet new people.

The fencing club started in the second semester of 2019 and has been active ever since. Joining fencing is an amazing experience as it offers many different things to students Spencer Brown, the sponsor for the fencing club says “ There is the physical activity, which is good for overall health, mental discipline, a sense of belonging to a group that is engaging in something unique.”

Fencing clubs can help students form friendships with other students while learning an interesting skill that they may be able to apply to their day-to-day lives. Doing fencing can help students be more disciplined and develop better self-awareness and patience.

Jaden Lassiter, The fencing club’s vice president says “ I WOULD 100% RECOMMEND FENCING CLUB TO OTHERS!! Fencing, even though it looks like just swinging metal or sticks at one another, is a very technical and open sport, and the way Mr. Brown teaches is very open, allowing a lot of expression through swordplay.

Joining the Fencing Club would give students a very unique experience as they do many things that most clubs have not ever done before. In the past they have done a medieval times tournament, a lunchtime event called “Sweet Fortune” and they compete in the international lightsaber tournament. They are also hoping to tour the Agua Fria district campuses next semester to show off what they are capable of and hope to create a fencing club on other campuses to compete against.

Their most popular event has been the lightsaber fighting, both students and staff love to see it, learn more about fencing, and see what they can do

It’s exciting to know that Verrado High School can offer students something they might have never even thought about trying until they found out about the club. Students need to experience and try new things. High school is all about learning what you like, and don’t like. It’s also about learning about new passions or hobbies you might want to develop. Fencing could be one of them.

Students should always go out and experience new things, that’s why the fencing club is so amazing. It helps provide students with skills and experiences they’d never otherwise experience.

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