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Gabe Santiago and Elizabeth Martinez take a run at podcasting with an interesting take on the upcoming UFC fight.
UFC Predictions
May 20, 2024

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Is a Jurassic Park Inevitable?
Gabe Santiago, Staff Writer • May 16, 2024

Scientists have recently been exploring the ability to bring back old and extinct animals. The process is called “de-extinction”, and it...

Graphic of 8-passengers family drawing
8 Passengers, A YouTube Family Facing Unreal Struggles
Ariel Bolich, Alyssa Chavez, and Emma McWhorterMay 10, 2024

Body camera videos have emerged on all social media platforms from the day that YouTube channel family vlogger mom, Ruby Franke, was arrested...

The Senior to Senior group photo at reading across America.
Local Retirees And High School Seniors Are Building A Better World Through A New District Program
Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief • April 18, 2024

The Agua Fria Senior To Senior Program, established in 2023, builds bridges between young people and local retirees to build support for the...

Meet the Staff
Alexa Simpson
Alexa Simpson
Staff Writer

Alexa Simpson was born August 11th, 2008 in Phoenix AZ. Her family lived in Portugal at the time, but her mother Leah Simpson decided to have Alexa in Arizona where her mom’s sister lived. When Alexa...

Emma McWhorter
Emma McWhorter
Staff Writer

Born and raised in the sunny state of Arizona, Emma has always enjoyed outdoor activities like paddle boarding, going to the lake, enjoying a day at the pool, and going on hikes with friends and family....

Dear Verrado: Kevin Reinhardt


Dear Verrado, 

My time at Verrado High School has been a great experience and I have grown immensely in all aspects of my life. Saying goodbye to the last four years of my life will be hard, but a great experience nonetheless to move on to college. Verrado High School has encouraged me to try my best in all that I do, from Honors and AP Classes to fine arts. 

The academic courses that I’ve taken have been a big part of my high school experience. From being academically challenged to meeting great people, the AP and honors classes have been a great resource for preparing me for the future.

In addition to that, being a part of a band has been a major aspect of high school, being so involved within the program. This past year I was the marching band’s lead conductor, which has allowed me to grow as a leader and a player. I got to experience firsthand the leadership skills it takes to be a professional in the next steps of my life. 

In my junior year, I joined Journalism as a staff writer and it was a great opportunity for me. Writing articles wasn’t necessarily my strong suit, so I began to get into podcasting and video-making as a replacement. Because of this, by the middle of my junior year, I was promoted to being Multi-media editor, and then Editor-at-large by my senior year.

Having this opportunity to become such an important part of the school news publication has grown my passion for Journalism has been very impactful on my ever-growing character in high school, learning and growing my love for writing, video making, podcasting, and most importantly, being a leader. Throughout the next years, the skills and talents that came out through this class will help me move forward and thrive in college and beyond.

As I look at high school, I look back with pride at all of the things I was able to accomplish and do to make my experience as best as possible. From the friends I made or the major life decisions, I don’t have many regrets about what my experience has turned out to be. 

Verrado High School will be a fond memory to look back on and I will always remember all of the people that made my life as great as it has been within these past four years. Thank you, Verrado.

Sincerely, Kevin Reinhardt

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