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Breaking News: Regina George And The Plastics Take Over Verrado High School

Hannah Bruce
The cast’s last song number of the night, “I see stars” wowed the audience

Last weekend, Verrados theatre department performed their production of Mean Girls. Opening night was a huge success, selling over 300 tickets in just one night. All three nights were attended and enjoyed by many.

The production of “Mean Girls” began back in August, with the tech crew and all of the actors working nonstop to be performance-ready.

After months of practice, the main cast and ensemble did an amazing job at bringing this musical to life. The scenes were all fun and drew the audience in with the set pieces, and the ensemble performing dances and adding in fun pieces of dialogue. The performance was very charming.

Aria Anderson, a huge “Mean Girls” fan, and a member of the build crew says, “I loved the musical, as someone who worked hard on the set and is a part of the tech crew it was cool to see it all come together. It’s a very different experience seeing it on the inside behind the stage instead of in the audience. I got to see everything up close as I helped move things on stage which was amazing. The production was amazing and I think the cast was done perfectly. I couldn’t imagine a better Regina, Cady, Janis, Damien, etc. Not just the cast but the behind-the-scenes stuff was super cool too. I’ve only ever done build crew so it’s always super great too. I’ve only ever done build crew so it’s always inspiring to see what other parts of tech can do! Overall the musical was great and personally my favorite I’ve worked on so far! I’m very excited to work on Les Mis, and everyone should go see it and support theatre!”

The main cast and ensemble bowing for the audience after their second performance. (Hannah Bruce)

“Mean Girls,” the iconic story of high school drama, cattiness, and friendship, was brilliantly brought to life by the talented students of Verrado High School. From the opening number to the final bow, this rendition captured the essence of the teenage experience with humor, heart, and impressive performances.

The cast’s energy was infectious, drawing the audience into the world of North Shore High School. Each character, from the Plastics to the misfits, was portrayed with dedication. The cast stayed on point, encompassing the spirit of the beloved movie while infusing the roles with their flair.

The leading roles were a standout, with Charlotte Wolter shining as Cady Heron, effortlessly navigating her character’s journey from an innocent newcomer to a part of the popular clique. The portrayal of Regina George by Gab Chavez was commanding, capturing the perfect blend of charm and manipulation that made the character so intriguing
It would be wrong to not mention how much the tech crew is dedicated to this musical. Along with the build crew swiftly moving set pieces, the audio and lighting crew did an amazing job. More dramatic scenes were enhanced by the lighting of the stage. A great example of this is during the performance of First Burn. The contrast between Regina George standing at the top of the set, and the bright hot pink lighting behind her added so much drama to this scene.

Regina George and Cady have a heart-to-heart talk in the bathroom, reflecting on their actions. (Hannah Bruce)

The scene where Regina was hit by the bus showed how creative the tech crew got during the production. As she walked off the stage into the curtains, a cardboard bus went in front of her. As she exited a fake doll with the same outfit as her was thrown onto stage. This was pretty unexpected and left the audience laughing due to how clever this transition was.

Maely Levie went to watch the musical last Friday she says, “It was well put together, the set was amazing and it was obvious the cast put in a lot of effort. Regina George was really good, Cady was also great, and basically, just the whole cast was amazing!”

Everything about this musical was very entertaining and it was obvious how much work was put into it. The performances were spot on to the original Broadway ones. Many are familiar with the original movie, but seeing our schools spin on it was a new and fun experience.

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