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Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour!

ariel bolich
Olivia Rodrigo on a floating moon singing “Logical” at the GUTS World Tour.

The GUTS World Tour has fans over the moon as this will be a bigger tour than her first one, the SOUR Tour. Tickets went on sale in late September and the anticipation began right away.

This tour has four openers. The Breeders, Chappell Roan, PinkPantherrs, and Remi Wolf. And each show has a different opener. With her first tour, the SOUR Tour, her openers were Gracie Abrams, Holly Humberstone, and Baby Queen.

Hearing that she announced this tour was so exciting for many fans. Most of Olivia’s fan base has been listening to her music for over 3 years now and have watched so many shows she was in.

Olivia Rodrigo thanking the crowd in Phoenix, Arizona after singing “Get Him Back!” (ariel bolich)

Olivia started her career when she was very young and was in many Disney channel shows like Bizardvark and High School Musical the Musical the Series, and worked with American Girl Doll during her childhood and early teens.

Olivia has been singing since she was very young and has written hundreds and hundreds of songs in her life.

She had many songs from Disney Channel like “All I Want” but in January of 2021, she released her debut single, “Drivers License”, and a couple of months later released her debut album, “SOUR”. This album broke many records like the Global Spotify Record, had the biggest album debut opening week by a female artist in history, and stayed in the Billboard 100 for a year straight.

She went on tour for the first time in 2022, and many fans weren’t able to go due to the high demand for tickets and the small venues she was playing at. For the GUTS World Tour, fans were over the moon.

Months had passed since she announced her tour and it was now the night before the Phoenix show, and Olivia was playing in Palm Springs, California. My cousins and I stayed up until 11:30 watching the live show of opening night. Watching her perform all of my favorite songs and seeing how incredible the concert was gave me so much FOMO.

On the day of the show, I was lucky enough to get tickets from the box office and it was the most exciting thing. I did not think we would be able to buy tickets at all. People were waiting in line since 11 am to try and get them and we had just gotten there an hour ago.

Her show started around 7:45 and her opener for her concert was Chappell Roan. She sang nine songs and was on stage for about 30 minutes. Olivia came on shortly after with a countdown of candles spelling GUTS on the screen.

Once the candles all melted and dropped the crowd erupted. Olivia came out and the first song she sang was “bad idea right?” and right after sang “ballad of a homeschooled girl”

Her setlist consisted of “bad idea right?” “ballad of a homeschooled girl” “vampire” “traitor” “drivers license” “teenage dream” “pretty isn’t pretty” “love is embarrassing” “making the bed” “logical” “enough for you” “lacy” “jealousy jealousy” “happier” “favorite crime” “deja vu” “the grudge” “brutal” “obsessed” “all-american b****” “good 4 u” and “get him back!”

Olivia Rodrigo performing “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl” at the GUTS World Tour (ariel bolich)

My favorite song that she performed was “Making the Bed”. I love this song for so many reasons, but when she sang it live, everyone turned their flashlights on and it was a very special moment at the concert.

My other favorites were “Teenage Dream” and “Jealousy Jealousy”. “Teenage Dream” was such a perfectly performed song. She talked about growing up and how scary it can be. She sang this song with baby videos in the background and there wasn’t a single person there not crying. “Jealousy Jealousy” is one of my favorite songs from SOUR and it was so fun to hear it live.

During the show, she sang a song that is exclusive on vinyl only titled “Obsessed” This was a song I was not expecting the see on the setlist since it is not on streaming platforms yet, but it was one of the most fun songs on the setlist.

She ended the concert singing “Get Him Back!”. She sang on a megaphone-shaped microphone and it was so much fun to dance, scream, and sing to. She had confetti canons that shot out blue, purple, pink, red, and grey star-shaped confetti all over the arena.

This concert was so incredible and is something that I will never forget. Olivia is so incredibly talented and I can not wait to experience this concert again with my best friend.

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