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Darby Eyer Wins Superintendent Award at Agua Fria Art Show

Darby Eyer standing next to his piece “Digital Purgatory” that won the Superintendent award.

The annual Agua Fria Fine Arts Showcase has recently taken place on March 23rd. This event is known for showcasing the artwork of many talented students across the district. From 8 AM to 2 PM, the show consisted of many performances and showcases. It included hands-on workshops for attendees to participate in and a walk-through gallery for anyone to come and appreciate the work of students in their community.

Artists competed for different awards based on what kind of artwork they presented. The show had a large variety of pieces from Verrado High students. The many art classes that Verrado High School has to offer encouraged students to submit pieces and attend the show.

Verrado’s very own Darby Eyer won the Superintendent Award for his piece. Darby, an AP art student, has had a lifelong passion for creating art.

When asked what motivates him, he stated, “I honestly just like creating things!” He expanded by sharing, “There were sometimes, especially in my younger years, where I’d mess up on a piece and be like, ‘Oh, I hate this! I’m never doing art again, I quit!’. But I always end up coming back to it. It’s magnetic, and a part of me.”

His piece had such an impact on the judges that he won the Superintendent Award. This award was given to someone whose piece caught the attention of the school’s superintendent. “Digital Purgatory”, an original piece by Darby, won the 2D section of this particular award. “I honestly wasn’t expecting an award, for that piece specifically since it was so different from my other pieces,” Darby stated.

When asked to expand on his piece he said, “It’s a pretty big canvas I made with oil pastels, no paint. Really, It was inspired by my AP portfolio, since my theme is sort of stress and anxiety.“ When asked what personally inspired him he said, “Just kind of like downsizing your problems, being digital and paired with school, and how sometimes your painting doesn’t feel very real.”

There were sometimes, especially in my younger years, where I’d mess up on a piece and be like, ‘Oh, I hate this! I’m never doing art again…

— Darby Eyer

The piece itself was very different from Darby’s other work, “It has this little guy on a hill and these crows eating at him. The crows are spilling out his intestines. But he’s like ‘I’m not even suffering right now’ but he obviously kinda is. I don’t know, it was meant to be kind of silly and playful but at the same time being like “Yeah, this guy I get it.”

Darby is very active in Verrado High’s art club, which encouraged members to attend the show. Despite the show not being in Verrado, fellow Vipers were very present at the event. The show was enjoyed by many, with Darby adding, “It was wonderful, I didn’t expect much, which is crazy, but I honestly really enjoyed it. All the art there was beautiful, I was really happy to be a part of it.” Verrado High plans to be involved in many more showcases in the future.

He wants to attend more art showcases in the future, saying, “Next year I’ll be a senior and I’m already planning for the showcase for next year. I’m taking AP art again…”

However, Darby wants to be more involved in other non-school related art shows. “…I really want to be in more art shows. I’m thinking of fan fusion type stuff.”

Darby also gave information about a business he is planning on starting. He says, “I’m starting one, or in the process of making one. As of right now, I do commissions, simple art commissions, honestly it’s vague. But I enjoy it…I want to start making clothes and stuff. I want to start selling patches, I have an embroidery machine, stuff like that. Honestly just put my art out there for people to buy, and be inspired by. I do want it to be affordable as well.”

He is overall a very talented artist who is sure to go far in life. Anyone interested should definitely check out his art, go to showcases his work appears in, and support his business when it opens.

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