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Josue is a Staff Writer.

Josue Gil, Staff Writer

Born in Phoenix Arizona, raised in a Hispanic family, Josue has been able to accomplish many things to this day and counting. He took his first honors-high school class as a seventh-grader and has been an honors student since. He likes to challenge himself, so speaking both English and Spanish fluently, he decided to take French his freshman and sophomore years. 

Nothing gets in the way of his academics, but outside of school he loves working on cars. Growing up, he was always with his father in the garage working on cars and motorcycles. The first car he restored completely with his father was a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. And his passion for cars has been with him since. 

He also loved playing football growing up, playing for multiple teams until he found one who actually saw his potential. When he did, he was in the top 3 for best defenses in the league. He only played all the way until eighth grade though. Making a difficult choice, he had to choose between his academics or sports. 

And so the tough decision was made. Seeing more into his future with school rather than sports. When people ask him how he got to where he is today, his answer will always be the same response. “Thanks to my family”. When all is said and done, he is just a kid living life. For now.

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