The Power in Social Media


    Josue Gil

    Staff Writer Lizzy Martinez checks out Viper Times on Instagram.

    People will do anything to become famous nowadays. Some people even risk their lives to just have a little bit of fame. Social media is a really powerful thing. It can be used for good and bad. For example, there have been lives saved, dogs found, money saved and so much more. But,  a lot of bad things also come from social media.

     A lot of the beauty standards come from social media which is one of the negative parts of social media. At the same time, there are many influencers that support and promote body positivity. This is just one example of how social media can be a powerful and cruel thing. There have been thousands of dollars saved for the homeless, people have been found, and more, this is all with the power of social media. 

    Many cruel things can come from social media though like hatred and making people feel worthless. But that is just everywhere and that’s something that we can’t change, unfortunately. People will go to extreme measures to become famous, like anything to catch other people’s attention. For example, on Snapchat, I saw that someone had brought a squid to their school, just so they could have some attention or seem cool. There are many trends that are dangerous, so be careful of what you’re watching. Like the like, the milk crate challenge, or the cinnamon challenge, these challenges can cause you to get hurt so don’t try everything you see on the internet. 

    On the news every day the first thing that comes on is the most violent thing going on in the world. Right now it’s always something about Ukraine and Russia. This is because people like to watch anything violent or anything dangerous, as long as it’s not happening to us. Everyone nowadays is very noisy and wants to know what’s happening everywhere in the world. Which in some cases is a good thing. But, nobody knows how to just stay in their place and mind their own business which isn’t a good thing. Social media is always going to be a powerful thing, if you ever get it make sure to use it in the right way.