Senior Wrestler has College Plans

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Senior wrestler Skylar Moreno made State! With her hard work and dedication in her wrestling career, she is the first-ever female in Verrado High to qualify for the AIA Female State Championships and the Female AIA State level.  Skylar would like to thank her family for being there in the stands supporting her, especially when it gets rough, her coaches for pushing her to be better as well as helping her when she needed it the most, and lastly her teammates for showing up and being there for her throughout all of the long meets and practices. As she graduates this May, I would love to place the spotlight on her to recognize her impact on this school, her family, and her team. 

After her transition from junior high to high school, she spent most of her athletic and academic career at Verrado High. With a big thanks to her coaches, Stephen Manak and Scott Kneisel, she has gained so many lifelong friendships, family members, teammates, coaches, and memories in her time being. While balancing her academics and sport, she also participates in her high school’s student-led council. Being in all school, wrestling, and student government has taught her to be an efficient leader to her classmates, teachers, administrators, and family as well. 

Committing to the University of Cumberlands this month, she plans to study psychology. No matter what she does, her end goal is to always try to help those around her. While planning to pursue a career in this field, she wants to work with kids and make a difference in their lives somehow. She is very passionate about helping those who surround her. 

By all counts, Skylar’s final message to conclude is that Verrado High School has made such an impact on her life. The people she has met here have become her family. Skylar has gained so many lifelong friendships/teammates, coaches, and memories of her time being here with us. Lastly, we’d love to thank Skylar for everything she has done for Verrado High, and we all wish her the best while she attends University.