Viper Girls Crush Opponents in Volleyball Matches


Lizzy Martinez

Viper Volleyball crushes the completion at a recent match.

Lizzy Martinez, Staff Writer

On September 20, 2022, there was a home game at Verrado and it was a fantastic success. Both JV games won every set against La Joya Community High School. The Vipers team crushed the Lobos! The opposing team was often too scared to go for the ball. La Joya struggled with diving for the ball and would just let it fall in front of them. They were just standing there and wouldn’t really do anything unless the ball came to them. The game that day went by so fast because the Viper absolutely swept the floor.

When the varsity team started to play, everyone started to get excited. We already knew we were going to win because we have never lost a game to their school before. So in the end, we were not too surprised. We had another fantastic win. The score was 25-10  for the first set, 25-7 for the second set, and for the final set, it was a fantastic win of 25-1. Come and join us for the next volleyball game. They’re always so interesting and fun to watch. If you come at 6 for the varsity game we have a student section on the left side of the court. Don’t miss out!!