Senior Spotlight: Alexis Miranda


Courtesy of Cynthia Miranda

The day Alexis picked out my gown for the state pageant competition.

Most people think of pageants as just about pretty girls in fancy dresses and being judged on how pretty they are. But for Alexis Miranda, it has led her to pursue a major in communications at ASU Barrett. Alexis got a full-ride scholarship there and hopes to use her experiences at ASU to be the face of a fashion company or a nonprofit organization.

Alexis with young friends participating in a walk for Alzheimer’s awareness. (Courtesy of Cynthia Miranda)

“I started in pageants when my neighbor invited me to compete in pageants she was directing. It was my neighbor’s first pageant that she was directing. Pageants are a lot of work, especially since right now I am doing Miss Americas. They love volunteer work, so I have over 500 hours right now. It is mostly tons of volunteering, parades and just helping out.”

“ I originally started volunteering when my grandpa started at St. Vincent de Paul, I started to volunteer there when I was 7, and even before pageants I always thought volunteer work was really enjoyable.”

“The fun part is the dresses because Glam Squad is the best to shop for prom and pageant dresses. I like making more friends and connections through pageants I would like to see how I have expanded my connections. Through pageants in the last 5 years, I’ve really seen how I’ve expanded in my connections and of what I want to do when I am older.”

“A misconception is people think that pageants are all about beauty and it’s not. It’s about building connections and about building character and job skills.”

“ I want to use my opportunity in Barrett to get an internship so I can get my face out there. I am competing in June for the Miss Arizona Teen competition. Hopefully, soon I will go to Paris fashion week, which is really exciting.”

Alexis and Miss North Phoenix preparing for state competitions at a meet and greet. (Courtesy of Cynthia Miranda)
When Alexis got crowned at the Miss Valley of the Sun competition and was crowned Miss North Phoenix Teen – the next step is going to Miss Arizona’s Teen then Miss America’s Teen (Courtesy of Cynthia Miranda)