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Sephora Kids Gone Wild

Caleb Balos
Many Sephora locations are struggling with the take over of young teens and tweens.

A new alarming trend is capturing TikTok’s attention with 9 to 11-year-olds raiding Sephoras around the U.S. Little girls are going to Sephora stores, destroying makeup testers and displays, being disrespectful to workers as well as those shopping around, causing big scenes and splurging all of their parent’s money on makeup and skincare products.

Outlets include Teen Vogue, FoxNews, YouTube, TikTok, NY Post, Buzz Feed, and many other articles and news websites.

“Generation Alpha” is obsessed with expensive makeup and skincare lines, specifically the Drunk Elephant skincare line and Rare Beauty makeup by Selena Gomez. These skincare lines are repeatedly selling out of products because of the insanely high demand.

These are very good products to use for your skin and are recommended by dermatologists. Besides the high prices of these products, people are concerned for the safety of the children because these products contain retinol as well as acids which may not be good l for children’s skin.

Zoey is a worker at a Sephora inside of Kohls and she shared her experience with little girls in the store. She said, “There were under 12 kids buying Fenty foundation, and it’s like a full coverage foundation” She also said an 8-year-old was trying to “buy anti-aging oil from Drunk Elephant and it was 98 dollars”.

Her coworker Jessie said, “I had a little girl come in the other night and it was hard because she didn’t speak English and she had probably 20 of these travel perfumes[which are at least 30 dollars] and she comes up and hands me a 20 dollar bill. I said ‘Honey you can’t even really buy one of these with your 20 dollar bill’ and her mom was nowhere to be found”.

These children are picking up very high-end products altogether from expensive makeup to expensive skin care products to expensive perfumes because they trend on Social Media. 13-year-olds and under do not need either of those things and they are only harming their skin using adult products on their skin daily.

Ariel Bolich is a student at Verrado High School, who spends her time after school working with kids from the ages of 3-12 for after-school care.

This is what she has to say about “Generation Alpha”:

“Kids now are very observant of what is happening around them and how people older than them are acting, and spending their time. I’ve noticed that many younger students look up to older kids as role models and inspiration when it comes to anything personality-wise, and they want to be like them and grow up and mature like them.”

Every generation before Gen Alpha expresses how they would have never been able to use those products. Generation Z as pre-teens and younger had kid makeup palettes from Clare’s. The cute lipglosses that came in sparkly little cases, and flavored lip smackers. They also made slime, played outside, and didn’t have phones or iPads, unlike Gen Alpha.

Now, kids ages 13 and under are using the most expensive and elite makeup and skincare because they see celebrities promoting their products.

This is the Drunk Elephant Skincare line which is most popular among children. The packaging is cute but these products are super expensive. (Alyssa Chavez)

People across the internet claim that they are growing up faster and faster and are missing out on their childhoods. These children spend their time on video games, iPads, computers, tablets, and most of all their phones. They don’t play outside or do normal children’s activities.

This new generation of Sephora kids is getting old and someone needs to step in.

Kristi Kastenbaum is a psychology teacher from Verrado High School and has a theory of where this behavior is coming from.

“Social media and TikTok. I think that’s one hundred percent of it and peer pressure if their friends are doing it as well and I hate to say this but a lack of parental supervision as well”.

These are all very valid reasons for this kind of behavior in these children. Most little girls try to be like their elders but parents are there to keep them young and help them enjoy their childhood.

If little girls are gaining access to all of these fancy items it’s the parent’s fault for letting them use all of these things on their skin without supervision. Parents should supervise their little ones and stop spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on makeup and skincare.

Children should be up to things that children have always done and enjoyed the most, playing, being outside, and most of all; toys.

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