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RJ Goodwin

RJ Goodwin, Staff Writer

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, born and raised, RJ is a fifteen-year-old freshman. He recently moved to Arizona in September 2021. Growing up in a different state than where he lives now can be scary for him. However, having a fresh start and seeing the mysteries along the way is something he is excited about. 

RJ enjoys video editing and has been doing it since he was nine years old. He often uses social media, whether it's for talking about his favorite television shows, connecting with other people, or sharing opinions and thoughts. With this, RJ has been able to make friends from all across the world via internet communities. 

Writing isn’t something he has ever enjoyed in school, but he is ready to learn and pick up new things along the way. Now that he is a part of journalism, his thoughts can be shared and viewed by a new demographic of people. In this new year, RJ’s viewpoints on different topics such as shows, movies, trending discussions will be seen and shared with many people. He intends to make tons of friends and save good memories along his way of life. When times are rough, he will be able to turn to many people while in need. Wanting to be known and seen is one of his drives in the world. 

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RJ Goodwin