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BanterBuddies Episode 2: Romance Movies Perfect for Valentines Day
BanterBuddies Episode 2: Romance Movies Perfect for Valentine's Day
Hannah Bruce, Allison Rospierski, and Aria AndersonFebruary 15, 2024

Today we talk about our top three favorite romance movies to watch with your friends and loved ones during the season of love.

SpaceX Rocket leaves a beam of glowing smoke behind it as it goes slowly through the sky making people question what it is.
SpaceX Launches
Valarie Alvarado and Sonny CruzMarch 29, 2024

On March 18th, 2024, there was a sudden wave of reports that came from all over the U.S. reporting a strange beam of light slowly going through...

The person behind the profile picture might not be who they say they are, and online dating apps are an easy way for bad actors to meet up with unsuspecting young people.
Gen Z And The Dangerous Relationship With Online Dating
Alexa Simpson, Staff Writer • March 1, 2024

With the privilege of about 97% of the American population owning a cell phone, it makes it possible for one to create personal relationships...

Many Sephora locations are struggling with the take over of young teens and tweens.
Sephora Kids Gone Wild
Alyssa Chavez, Staff Writer • February 2, 2024

A new alarming trend is capturing TikTok's attention with 9 to 11-year-olds raiding Sephoras around the U.S. Little girls are going to Sephora...

Meet the Staff
Morgan Miles
Morgan Miles
Staff Writer

Born in Connecticut but raised in Arizona, Morgan has always stuck to living a quiet and peaceful life with her mom. Growing up as an only child, she's aged with things that are calm and easygoing. Some...

Chris Godinez
Chris Godinez
Staff Writer

Within the world of sports, Chris Godinez strives to remain up to date with the latest and greatest narratives floating around in the current-day media. His love for professional sports inspired him to...

Paris Fashion Week

Caleb Balos
Paris Fashion Week showcased many new and innovative looks from Rick Owens, Dior, and much more.

This season of 2024, Paris Fashion Week unfolded with a cascade of the best designers and their collections to hit the runways. From the golden magnificence of Balmain to the very different inflatable boots of Rick Owens, the runways across Paris became a playground for designers to showcase their creativity. 

With the distinctive menswear collections and transcendent haute couture presentations that captivated the fashion world, here are the Paris Fashion Week highlights.


Balmain Homme’s runway stunned Paris with a rich display of gold-infused garments and accessories, and many pieces emphasized by vivid red kiss graphics. Designer Olivier Rousteing effortlessly incorporated diverse graphics into suits, creating a harmonious and unified theme that left attendees in awe.


Dior Menswear showcased a collection that seamlessly blended various fabrics, offering a plane of unique pieces. Kim Jones, the designer, orchestrated a couture line where each garment exuded chic sophistication. The show culminated in a dramatic model roundup on a spinning and elevating platform which finalized the beautiful collection from Dior.


Rick Owens brought something very different to Paris Fashion Week with the addition of inflatable boots in collaboration with Straytukay. Maybe this will be a new trend?


The runway unfolded with Owens’ signature touch — a dark, leather-infused, monster aesthetic, leaving a lasting impression with beautiful designs.


Music artist and producer (and designer) Pharrell Williams, put out a ranch-inspired collection for Louis Vuitton, combining workwear with Wild West vibes. With 81 looks, the runway, surrounded by projected western backgrounds, had models walking the runway with accessories like designer bags to designer wagons.


Other most highlighted shows were Sacai, Valentino, Kid Super, Acne Studios, Givenchy, Amiri, and Hermes.


Now, for the Haute Couture shows.


Schiaparelli redefined haute couture with an alienistic twist, showcasing garments that ranged from a robot baby to chess-pieced dresses. Daniel Roseberry’s heavy focus on details and accessories elevated the collection, creating a story for his looks. Celebrities like Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and Jennifer 

Lopez was attendee to this beautiful collection.


John Galliano’s eerie Artisanal Collection for Maison Margiela went outside the traditional runway showcases. The show was set in an eerie alleyway leading to a bar. The models, with reconstructed figures using corsets, and beautiful makeup with Pat McGrath’s glass skin element, and of course, the distinct ‘Margiela’ walks, conveyed a story of freedom juxtaposed with the fear of the real world.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s haute couture show fascinated the audience into a fairytale realm, featuring sailor-themed apparel pieced together by designer Simone Rocha. The collection seamlessly fused intense silhouettes, corsets, gowns, bows, and pirate-inspired accessories, creating a visual spectacle.

Other highlighted Haute Couture shows featured Fendi, Valentino, Ashi Studio, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and Christian Dior.

Each designer in Paris Fashion Week crafted many garments that surpassed traditional fashion boundaries and created trends for fashion. The runway became a stage for not only showcasing but storytelling as well, where garments were not just clothes but rather core artistic expression, pushing the boundaries of creativity and leaving fashion enthusiasts craving more.


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