Which Sing 1 and 2 Character Are You?

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Not So Spirited
December 8, 2022

Sing is an animated, PG movie about animals who express their talents of singing and performing through the koala, theater owner, and producer, Buster Moon. Ever since Buster Moon was a child, he and his father would visit the theater and he grew a love for performances. It became his dream, and his father supported it to the fullest. When Moon was finally of age, his father saved up enough money so he could buy the theater for Moon to own. But slowly after he owned the theater, it began to become less and less popular and struggled to make any money. So, with an idea to bring theater to life in the city again, he went to hire some new, talented performers by throwing a tryout, at the theater. 

But how does this connect to its viewers? Later on in the movie, Moon ended up having his final 7 performers, who all come from different backgrounds. To start, Meena, a shy elephant, struggled with coming out of her shell. She struggled with stage fright and performing in front of people. Even with full support from her family to sing, Meena couldn’t bring herself to do it. Meena is a symbol for shy people with social anxiety and stage fright. Students can struggle with presenting, performing in theater, or even talking to people. Meena experienced a similar situation. But once Meena was able to feel comfortable on stage, she amazed the audience and grew to be loved by many.

Another character could be Ash, the rockstar porcupine. Ash dreamed of becoming a successful rockstar, performing alongside her boyfriend, Lance. Lance never wanted to realize her talent, believing that she couldn’t make it on her own without him. After their terrible breakup, heartbroken Ash works even harder to become successful by writing her own song to perform at Moon theater. Ash’s character development throughout the story relates to people who are scared to try new things, work through negativity, and fight through hard times. People in the real world are told they’re not good enough and can bring themselves down because of it. Ash is a role model for reaching for the stars. She proves that if you work hard through your conflicts, you can succeed.

For people who need confidence boosters, they could look at Gunter. A pig who succeeded in dancing from being confident. Being confident in yourself helps with success and bravery. Trying new things or reaching a goal you want to reach. If people need someone who works through grieving and depression, they could look at Clay Calloway, a famous singer. Clay was loved by his fans worldwide. He was happy, until the death of his wife. He crumbled and hid from the world, leaving his music career behind. But, he later found himself and his happiness with inspiring help from a friend.

Every person has their own stories and backgrounds that make them unique. Sing leaves an impact on its viewers in multiple ways. A movie relating to common problems within people is important to show and spread awareness for mental health and inspiration through conflicts. Conflicts can be worked through. Although some face harder ones than others, problems are only solved with the right mindset.