Not So Spirited


Movie Poster Courtesy of Apple+TV

Spirited is a new take on the classic A Christmas Carol featuring Ryan Reynolds.

Jaylen Tolliver, Staff Writer

The Christmas season has finally arrived! With the jolly season finally making a comeback, the theaters have displayed a new Christmas movie called, Spirited. Spirited is a film about a hateful misanthrope chosen by the spirit of Christmas past to reshape into a happier person with a jolly spirit. The movie received attention for the award-winning actors in the film including Ryan  Reynolds as the misanthrope, Will Ferrell as the ghost of Christmas Present, and Octavia Spencer as the misanthrope’s co-worker. 

When watching the film, This reviewer unsurprisingly found it unenjoyable and boring. The script and humor were just a little too cheezy to the point where it was unfunny.  If you enjoy comedy films featuring Adam Sandler, Paul Rudd, Rob Schneider, or Will Ferrel, you may definitely find spirited amusing to watch with your family. The movie deserves points for the well-choreographed performances and the portrayal of the Ghost of Christmas future. The performance of the song, “That Christmas Morning feelin’” was pretty nice and gave an authentic Broadway feel. Theatre lovers would most likely admire the performances they portrayed in the film. Not only were the performances really well executed, but the costumes and editing created for Christmas Future should be acknowledged as well. They did a good job portraying him in the scary way he’s known to be. 

Overall, the actors did a good job playing their comedic roles. The movie could definitely be a hit for Christmas lovers who want a good laugh. If you’re into comedy films or films including fourth wall breaks, then Spirited is definitely recommended, but if you’re more of a serious person, watch a different movie.