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Vultures Official Release…. Dates?

(RECREATED) Screenshot from Kanye’s reel that was posted on January 23rd, and archived a few days later

After a long series of pushbacks, delays, and fans even wondering if the album will be canceled altogether, Kanye has finally answered these questions. As of January 23rd, Kanye has announced the release dates of the collaboration album, Vultures

There have been 3 listening parties and possible release dates confirmed for the album: Volume 1 on February 9th, Volume 2 on March 8th, and finally Volume 3 on April 5th. This is one of the strange rollouts seen by the artist, as normally these would be either rollout/listening party dates rather than album dates.

Kanye performing and dancing at the listening party at the United Center in Chicago (Ca’nya Mendoza)

It’s odd but quite familiar to another album he released and considered his second magnum opus, The Life Of Pablo. The album followed a similar amount of pushback and delays, and even when released, still went through multiple changes from balancing out mixing and vocals, to adding new tracks entirely.

Vultures is now following almost the same string of releases, just official now. How these releases may change the tracks however is the question that needs to be answered. Are the tracks going to be entirely remixed or face subtle changes? Even Donda faced its own changes, removing verses from artists entirely during the first few weeks of its release. Then it received the deluxe version, adding even more length but well-received songs that made the album feel more complete overall.

This has a potential meaning of multiple things. One, the original leaks of the album are definitely going to be changed to multiple degrees, fashion, and shows. The album is at least being developed further from its original stage. That part is certain at least. However, this could also mean the album is unfinished, henceforth the scheduled changes. The only album that Kanye has ever released that sounded unfinished though is The Life Of Pablo. So is he releasing the music in segments?

Gabriella Perez, a die-hard and avid Kanye fan says, “Honestly, it’s hard to deal with, but it’s just the normal thing to expect now. I find it cool how this album might come out the same day as The College Dropout. I love the fact that there’s multiple different songs on each cover.”

Audience’s point of view at the listening party, capturing the stage (Ca’nya Mendoza)

There is a lot to speculate on these part releases, but the real question is will he even release the album on time or on any of these dates issued? The listening parties of the album alone have gone through multiple delays throughout November until December 15th of last year.

The official release of the album was scheduled for sometime in January only to be pushed back again, with many possible reasons why. One floating reason is I AM MUSIC by Playboi Carti was scheduled to be released, but now that seems false as well due to him also delaying his album. It seems that fans are in the long haul as per usual awaiting new content.

It seems there are 2 severe problems in modern-day mainstream music. Artists. They are either; promoting only to cancel on multiple projects and scheduled releases or outright releasing unfinished products.

Zackariah Thobejane, another frequent listener of Kanye says, “I find it quite annoying. If you’re gonna promise a release then release what you promised? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

It also seems many Ye fans are convinced that Kanye will even drop to shake away their own disappointment. Twitter was utterly upset and disappointed the moment it hit 12 am EST to not see an album on any platforms. Even the stream of the listening party was cut suddenly, likely due to controversial lyrics and possibly an agreement with Veeps (the listening platform for his live event). The listening party went as it normally did at least for the live audience, but now in this mist of chaos a question lingers. It is not a matter of when any of the albums will drop, but a matter of if any of them will at all.

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