Verrado Students Perform In The Annual District Honor Band


Gabby Comer

District Honor Band at a recent performance included several Verrado musicians.

Joseph Seymour, Staff Writer

The new year provided a massive opportunity for Verrado students to witness 13 of their dedicated band members assemble and perform beautiful music pieces with members of other schools. This event is known as the annual district honor band performance in which band kids prepare special songs that explore complicated and emotional themes for the audience.

At the concert, the band performed a total of 3 songs, each of them standing out in its own unique way. The pieces vary from fast and cheerful to slow and somber.  Midway March is an extremely powerful piece that is guaranteed to energize the audience. The next song the band played called Shenandoah has an entirely opposite mood. It is a rather elegant piece that is extremely recognizable across the country. The final song the band played is one of the most creative pieces of all known as Africa: Ceremony, Song, and Ritual. The overall feel is up to one’s interpretation but it has a jungle-type feel that includes many band members making animal noises and screams.

“Demonstrating persistence throughout my musical journey is what has made me capable of being a part of the district honor band” Jessica Peterson, a clarinet player with two years of honors band experience, explained. “Facing new challenges head on while enjoying some time with other people” and that her only regret “was not socializing more”. 

Even though the event has already taken place, there is always next year for people who wish to experience the district band performance. For the people who wish to be a part of the district honors band for the future have a lot of work ahead of them. A word of advice from Jessica Peterson to those people is to, “Keep demonstrating your capability of working through musical challenges and that is sure to get Meldrum’s (the band director’s) attention.” Mrs. Meldrum has worked for Verrado since it opened in 2006, and she notices the positive aspects of every student she has. She is 100% open to providing opportunities for students who demonstrate both musical skill and dedication.