Get Paid to Sleep

Have you ever wondered if you could be paid to sleep? Yes, it exists, normally worked in hospitality. A bed warmer is someone who will sleep in a hotel bed to break them and make them comforting for their guest, which normally takes place in Europe. For being a bed warmed the main purpose is to test the mattresses, write detailed descriptions of the comfort and noise disruption, and feel about the experience.

To become a bed warmer, you have to be 18 years old and meet a certain amount of standards for scientific studies. You also have to meet these qualities. Good observational skills, excellent communication, interpersonal skills, to be able to sleep in different surroundings, be apart from others, and sleep with wires attached to you. Professional bed warmers are paid about $15-$30 an hour and make an annual salary of $31k – $101k.Which is well for just sleeping. There aren’t specific qualifications besides being a professional sleeper.

Being a bed warmer is a typical 9 to 5 job and it’s more of a freelance job. Bed warmers are not always consistent with work. But most times jobs could last between 24 hours and 2 months. Although this is an extraordinary job, you are getting paid to sleep and are in a safe environment to sleep. Plus, you could have the honor to sleep in designer beds. To apply for this job just go to any job application website such as Which has a ton of jobs that are in the bed warmer category. Personally, it is a well-paying job for such an easy task. Even though the job is strange, if you love sleeping then this job is for you!