The Untold Power of Dreams

Staff Writer, Gavin Lopez

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Mikaela Starks

Sunsets often appear in dreams as a symbol of a new beginning.

Every person reading this article has dreams every single night, even though they may not remember them. Dreams are an escape into another world with infinite possibilities and no creativity cap. Anything can happen. Deep into the subconscious mind are where dreams take place. Some dreams have no value and are just random images in the subconscious mind that can be creative scenarios of all sorts. Other dreams can be more important and can be a product of the subconscious mind trying to share something with you. Dreams can offer solutions to problems, or be creative outlets. 

Oceans sometimes symbolize an overwhelming emotion in our dreams. (Mikaela Starks)

Waking up and remembering dreams is an amazing feeling, and it results in a better mood for the day and happy feelings waking up from a crazy fantasy world that is different every time. Waking up and trying to remember dreams is a difficult task because so many people forget them as soon as they wake up and start thinking about other things. One method to use to remember dreams easier is to open a folder on the notes pad of your cell phone for dreams and if anything is remembered, write it down instantly. Some people have recurring dreams, which could be a sign of the brain trying to process trauma or the brain trying to work through unmet needs. A famous scientist Dimitri Mendelev was working on a problem for three days straight, fell asleep, and saw in a dream the elements lining up in order of atomic mass in a pattern which he immediately wrote down when he awoke and created the periodic table. Whether dreams help solve problems or offer fun imaginary random adventures, they are important and mainly in society undervalued.

Sleep is very important, especially for high school students. The average teenager should be getting around 9 hours of sleep a night because they are going through a second “cognitive maturation” phase. Good sleep rejuvenates and repairs the mind and body and will help your overall daily mood. Sleep is important and dreams are a part of sleep. Dreaming can be a fun part of daily life to look forward to the end of the day, getting ready for bed, and preparing for the dreams of tomorrow morning. So whatever you’re going through, don’t worry and sleep on it, because the answer just might pop into your brain the next morning.