Jekyll & Hyde


Kevin Reinhardt

At the end of the show, the cast Jekyll and Hyde bowing.

Gavin Lopez, Staff Writer

Last week on May 5th-7th Verrado

put on Jekyll And Hyde the Musical. The musical follows Dr. Jekyll who begins an experiment on himself to try to separate his good personality from his evil personality. Through his experiment, he creates Edward Hyde, the dark side of his personality, who is a vicious murderer. Dr. Jekyll must navigate multiple women and England’s high society to stop Hyde.

Michael Myers did a beautiful job of portraying the split personality of Jekyll/Hyde. He did a good job transforming his body language, so the audience could easily see when he was Jekyll versus when he was Hyde. The mix of Michael’s, Rebecca Hadley’s (Emma), and Kendall Conner’s (Lucy) voices blend so well that it is enough to bring chills.

The technical elements(lights and sound) combined to make the performance death-defying. The lights were especially unique because when Jekyll was in control the lights were blue, while when Hyde was in control the lights were red. Because of this, it created a creepy ambiance and mood on stage.

According to Fern Loza, the head lighting tech, “The darker colors helped [create the dark mood], and the heartbeat sequence in “Alive” really helped establish that Hyde was creepy.”

The mass-choreographed singing and dancing scenes(Facade and Murder, Murder) from the company helped give context to what was happening in the musical and were very impressive to see on such a large scale. Every actor in the musical knew their lines perfectly and was visibly prepared.

According to Gabby Comer, ensemble member and secretary of the theatre club, “We all worked so hard to create an amazing show. It was really rewarding to see it all come together, and it seems the audience enjoyed it.”